How did Logies arrive at Popular nominations this year?

Networks agreed to Logie changes some years ago -and the two shows which were given an exemption in this year's eligibility.

Yesterday a flurry of shows were celebrating their Logie nominations for 2023 in either (or both) Popular and Outstanding categories.

The revamp of the Popular categories, which previously entailed viewers helping collate a shortlist from lengthy shopping lists of shows. This was agreed to in 2019 following some criticism that social media campaigns had hijacked them.

In 2023 industry judges determined the Popular nominees after networks submitted just 6 candidates per category (7 for Gold) for shows broadcast between 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 on a major metropolitan free-to-air network, subscription TV network or subscription streaming service.

Judges determined nominees based on a criteria of audience impact and engagement, PR and social media reach and 28-day consolidated viewing figure or, in the case of SVODs which keep numbers under wraps, other audience data.

The public decides the winner of Popular categories through a wide voting campaign (which ironically could still see social media play a big part).

Two shows were granted an exemption as they began two days outside the cut off period I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (April 2 2023) and Selling Houses Australia (March 30 2022).

With just 6 submissions per category networks are also very astute in determining which names are put forward. History tells us that shows that were short-lived or are not returning are less likely to be submitted than ongoing titles. But while Mad as Hell is nominated in its final season the paused Living Room is not.

Neither is Dr. Chris Brown who will be Seven talent within two weeks’ time, while Julia Morris has garnered a Gold nomination.

This year also includes the first Reality TV contestant nominated as well as the first drag queen (Kween Kong, RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under) in Best New Talent.

Amongst the changes under Seven’s broadcast is voting for the Gold will continue, Reality Finale style, until 10:30pm on the night itself. All other Popular voting will close at 7:30pm as the Ceremony commences.


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  1. Amy Shark getting nomination is a joke. How can Mystery Road be included in just about every category? Hamish doesn’t make me laugh. Osher and Sonia are way too over exposed. Why was Gogglebox, Frankly and Take 5 With Zan Rowe snubbed? When does Hall of Fame get announced?

    1. Why is Amy Shark getting nominated a joke? Over the years many first time reality show judges have been nominated when they haven’t been a part of any other show.

        1. He won, which means the most people voted for him over how many people voted for the others. So as we all see things differently, how can it be a joke?

    2. A lot of questions there. Mystery Road is in Drama categories + Gold (remembering that it swept AACTA Awards already). Gogglebox was not snubbed. Hall of Fame will be on the night unless something changes (doubtful).

      1. Oops. I didn’t see Gogglebox listed in Most Popular Entertainment. Mystery Road isn’t my cup of tea. Too much violence and swearing. Tried giving it a go on iView but fell asleep.

    3. I agree with most of what you say except it’s about time Osher got a nomination all this time in television and I not a personal nomination! I hope he wins the others are so not worthy.

  2. Thanks for that, David. I thought I read about it a while ago and did some googling but couldn’t find it anywhere. I was not sure if I had already voted or missed it. So thanks heaps for that, it is greatly appreciated.

  3. I’m starting a Logies boycott due to their constant refusal to include Neighbours. Feel free to join me.


    1. This is incorrect. They recently had Gold nominees. It’s a shame the finale wasn’t recognised but not sure why the show deserves special privileges. You should also check what was submitted by the network.

      1. Because bloody hell david neighbours has been going for 37 years and there has been effort by the Victorian government over the years and I and many others have grown with neighbours and Ramsay street mwah does home and away need to be nominated every year then I know because home and away rates better.
        Home and away and neighbours should be both recognized Because they’ve both been excellent shows and training grounds for pop stars and young actors and all of these stars would like to be recognized at the logies night not just home and away stars.neighbours has been snubbed for years by the logies but in Britain it beats their soap operas at their tv awards but here in Australia it’s last logie win was 2009 not very good in this country Australia where it’s made. Does the logies think neighbours is not popular enough that’s bullsshit it shouldn’t always be about popularity

        1. Both Neighbours and Home and Away have been recognised by many many awards over the years, including the Hall Of Fame, numerous Gold Logies, Silver Logies and many New Talent Awards. Although the Neighbours Finale was eligible, id say 10 perhaps put other shows up instead, and will put the revamp version into next years Logie Awards.

          I would like to know that too about all the submissions from all the stations. But TV Week organisers were tight lipped last year about submissions, so id assume will be the same this year. Which is a shame.

      2. Perhaps “constant” was poetic license, but Neighbours didn’t receive a single nomination for 2022 and now 2023. That’s significant. And worthy of questions. I don’t know that it deserves “special priveleges” but it arguably had consistetly great writing, great performances, and top notch production. In fact, it was well-documented that during covid its production techniques were a benchmark worldwide for other drama series. And in those two years it dealt with issues not a lot of other Aussie dramas would dare to touch. Maybe that’s not deserving of “special priveleges” but it’s definitely not the sort of stuff you completely overlook for two years running.

        1. If you recall, there was actually an acknowledgment on stage last year for Neighbours, although I am on record as stating it was underwhelming (and a lot of press followed). But there’s a lot of shows that didn’t make the final list, it happens every year. Soap fans are passionate bunch, more power to you.

  4. I was thrilled to see Kween Kong nominated for Best New Talent! She was a formidable queen who showcased a great range of talent on the show “hence Best New Talent! 😉”.

  5. Interesting read in the voting process. There always seems to be inconsistencies with the awards. Like I’m a Celebrity and Selling Houses being able to be nominated despite being outside the voting period.

    I can understand networks not putting in stars who have since left the network – like 10’s Chris Brown and Amanda Keller.

    Very odd with a reality contestant being nominated for the New Talent. Surely there are other actual new stars out there? Reporters on lifestyle shows? New panelist on the Project? Etc.

    1. David could neighbours stars been nominated or because it’s been on a hiatus they don’t care but the show to the logies people it doesn’t exist, Neighbours might be not as good as it was in the80’s or 90’s but it still does enough to be made and broadcast on channel ten and it tells interesting stories for all age groups I hope neighbours wins a logie next year it’s been ages and mileniums since they have.

  6. To have a Reality TV contestant as a nominee is utterly ridiculous! Makes sense that Chris Brown was not nominated now, TEN won’t want to be seen as losing a Gold winner. I’m hoping Julia doesn’t win, her unfunny shtick of shouting, pulling faces and stretching out words may have worked in the 90s, but times have changed.

  7. Flex wasn’t a contestant on Love Island, she hosted the post episode wrap up series. I believe that makes Kween Kong the first reality TV contestant and the first drag queen to be nominated.

    1. She was the 2nd voted off on Big Brother in 2021

      Not nominated for her Big Brother run obviously, but she had a bigger platform on that then as the Love Island Aftetshow host

  8. Surprised Kochie wasn’t nominated for Gold… surely he would be at just about the peak of his public adoration with all the farewell attention he received.

    1. I was surprised about that too. I don’t watch much of Sunrise, but thought he should be acknowledged with a nomination. But he was probably on the shortlist given by Seven, but as he was leaving, he wasn’t selected. But I know he was still going to be a finance reporter guest.

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