The Block moves into Brighton


The next season of The Block is edging closer to production… already.

After having been confirmed for a season in Brighton, preparations are underway at New Street.

The Daily Mail reports 5 derelict homes have been relocated to a 2,761-square metre building site which reflects the 2017 Elsternwick season. These homes are understood to all be from the 1930s – 1960s.

A two-storey site office sits at the rear of the property, which was previously home a nursing home site. Filming with contestants is not expected to get underway until next month.

Media reports last year quoted Brighton locals objecting to the reality series invading their neighbourhood but the property was also marked for double storey townhouses. Previous Block neighbours have noted that the Nine series tends to complete construction much more swiftly than standard developments, and given access to producers for any complaints.

You can see the Brighton site photos here.

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  1. let me guess their will be bad guy’s good guy’s some will cry argue break the rules have a go at keith and co at scotty the judges , oh wait that was last year and the year before and before that and every year its the same stuff on repeat

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