60 Minutes: Feb 23

Tom Steinfort travels to New York to report on the Harvey Weinstein trial.

Tomorrow on 60 Minutes Tom Steinfort travels to New York to report on the Harvey Weinstein trial.

Crown Unmasked
For years Australia’s largest casino operator, Crown, has secretly gambled its very existence in the pursuit of profits. Its thirst to make money at almost any cost meant it broke the law in China, which saw a number of staff imprisoned. Last year reporter Nick McKenzie obtained tens of thousands of documents and internal files from Crown in what was considered one of the biggest leaks of information to the media ever seen in this country. McKenzie’s series of award-winning stories, broadcast on 60 Minutes and published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, led to multiple federal and state investigations. On Monday, a New South Wales inquiry headed by former Supreme Court judge Patricia Bergin SC will begin hearing evidence about the way the company does business, and the suspected crooks it has dealt with. But as if matters aren’t already serious enough for Crown, they’re about to get even worse.
Reporter: Nick McKenzie
Producer: Nick Greenaway

The Weinstein Trial
Once upon a time in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein was an icon. But no more. His failing was a belief that he was so potent he could have anything or anyone he wanted, and damn the consequences. Weinstein lured young women to be his sexual playthings knowing, such was his influence, they’d be too frightened to call him out. The plan worked for decades until finally the women said enough, and the movie mogul was publicly exposed. On 60 Minutes, Tom Steinfort travels to New York to report on Weinstein’s trial and the claims and counter-claims making daily headlines around the world. His story includes interviews with alleged victims Ambra Battilana and Rose McGowan, as well as the woman Weinstein hired to demolish the Me Too movement, his formidable lawyer, Donna Rotunno.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producers: Madeleine Apps, Naomi Shivaraman

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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