ACA: Robert Hughes to apply for parole

Disgraced Hey Dad actor Robert Hughes will soon make an application for parole, according to A Current Affair.

Hughes, now 71, was convicted of numerous sexual assault charges in 2014 and sentenced to 10 years, nine months. His sentence includes a six-year non-parole period set to begin in April.

Eighteen women testified against Hughes, but he was only convicted for the abuse of four of them – including his own niece.  Throughout the high profile court case, Hughes never expressed remorse.

Last night former Hey Dad child actor Sarah Monahan told A Current Affair she did not believe Hughes should be paroled if he had not shown remorse.

“If he’s going to get out early it should be because he’s admitted guilt,” she said.

“The question is whether he admits he’s guilty, or if he still think he’s the innocent victim here.

“If he still thinks he’s innocent, then he probably should spend some more time in prison thinking about it.”

US-based Monahan has now made a submission to the Parole Board expressing concerns. She also told ACA she would be nervous about revisiting Australia if there was a chance Hughes might seek revenge.

ACA host Tracy Grimshaw also addressed archival vision of former reports with Ben McCormack confronting Hughes in Singapore, as part of its ongoing investigation.

McCormack himself later pleaded guilty to unrelated child porn offences in 2017 and was put on a three-year good behaviour bond and fined $1000. He was sacked by Nine.

“You may have noticed our former reporter Ben McCormack in that story,” Grimshaw told viewers.

“McCormack left this show in disgrace two years ago after pleading guilty to child pornography charges.

“His involvement many years before in our Hey Dad investigation has caused us distress and embarrassment.

“But that interview in Singapore remains the only time Hughes has publicly addressed the allegations against him, so it’s an important historical record.

“We wish we’d sent someone else but of course we didn’t know then what we know now.”

She also apologised to Monahan for introducing McCormack to her as part of the story.

“I never had the opportunity to apologise to you publicly, for introducing him to you back then, of course back then we had no idea,” she said.

“We had no idea what would ultimately transpire, but I do apologise to you.”

Monahan replied, “I think it taught us all a lesson that you really just don’t know who… they’re just so well-hidden.”

Via:, Daily Mail

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