Airdate: Gardening Australia

Costa & the crew return for ABC's 31st season.

Gardening Australia returns for its 31st season.

Last year the show was a shock winner of the Most Popular Lifestyle series at the Logie Awards.

Costa visits the legendary permaculture demonstration garden ‘Melliodora’ to meet the couple that kicked it all off and the young people they share the property with.

Sophie visits a community project that is providing waterfront accommodation for native bees. Tino is at The Patch to show how and when to prune stone fruit.

Josh visits a primary school where students are playing an important role in growing and saving the seed of locally rare and endangered plants.

Gardening Australia presenter Clarence Slockee leads us through Bundjalung country to explain his deep running connection to plants.

Jerry Coleby-Williams shares his tips for growing a diverse collection of bromeliads, Millie Ross shows us how she keeps her chooks cool over summer, and Jane Edmanson keeps her lavender looking fresh with a prune.

7:30pm Friday on ABC.

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  1. My partner used to watch Gardening Australia every Saturday but the Friday night slot with an hour length has made it too long and at an inconvenient time so he switched off in 2019. Shame coz it’s still a good show.

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