Big Bash helps Seven to Thursday win

The combination of Seven News, Home & Away and Big Bash finals has helped Seven to win Thursday night.

Seven News topped the night -just- at 992,000 / 964,000 viewers, well ahead of Nine News on 778,000 / 771,000.

Despite less reality competition Married at First Sight also dipped, at 992,000 viewers with Big Bash League in various segments at 529,000 / 467,000 and rising to 607,000 for its “break.”

7:30 on 481,000 pipped Ambulance Australia on 424,000, which was actually its biggest audience since December 2018.

Earlier a Home & Away wedding pulled 595,000 for Seven.

Seven won the night over Nine for the first time this week.

OzTam Overnights: Thursday 6 February 2020.


  1. I like both Pater and Mark in Sydney but I have switched to CH10 at 6pm with Sandra Sully and The Project at 6:30 it’s a good mix of stories and less stuffy.

  2. Ambulance Australia is an incredible show – such a shame audiences aren’t embracing it like reality TV trash. I can understand it being perhaps a little confronting for some people though. Mad respect for the paramedics and what they do – just incredible.

  3. This page’s thumbnail synopsis on the home page and opening sentence on this page appears misleading? As Nine won the main channel (even with Seven News, Home and Away and Big Bash deep into the night).

    I think you meant Seven won the night thanks to multi-channels (which I’ll admit Big Bash was on 7mate in Brisbane for an hour and Perth fully).

  4. Nine News in Sydney with Peter Overton was unbeatable every night of the week for the past few years. Peter is still reading the news, however, Seven regularly beats Nine now….and that has been for last couple months, seems the viewers are not rusted to the one news presenter like they used to be..

      • Disagree. Not too many ebbs and flows in Melbourne news figures. Nine has always been the overall news powerhouse in Melbourne – Peter Hitchener the clear winner. Just realised there is a Peter (Overton/Hitchener) in 9 Syd/Melb just like there used to be a Brian (Henderson/Naylor) in both cities.

        • Actually I disagree with yours… there have definitely been ebbs and flows but they are long in cycling. Nine has been winning a good 4 or so years but before that Seven probably had about 3.

          • Who won 2019 nightly news in Melbourne? Both said they did! 😀

            (I think Seven did have a very good comeback/growth year though).

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