Colin Fassnidge blames programming … but what about MKR format changes?

Colin Fassnidge has blamed Seven for the low ratings of My Kitchen Rules.

Speaking to 2GB’s Chris Smith, he said, “This year was the best one we’ve done but not everyone’s watching it, at the moment, cause we’ve got some people in Channel 7 who don’t know how to program a show.

“But what do I know? I’m only a cook!

“A lot of work went into this and then some stupid decisions were made to go up against the tennis and Married, we should have started a week early.”

MKR was beaten on its opening night against the Australian Open and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, in a move designed to get the jump on Married at First Sight‘s debut.

Seven Director of Programming Angus Ross told TV Tonight recently,“The Australian Open final is a big event, no doubt. But I think history has shown that there’s always an audience for alternative programming on that night and it’s just about getting your fair share of that.”

Of course it’s easier to criticise a Programming decision in hindsight. It’s a shame Fassnidge was not asked whether the format changes that have given him more screentime are part of the reason viewers are switching off too…

“The flak we’re getting at the moment is not really warranted. This is totally different to the other MKRs we’ve done. Tune in, it’s not too late,” he added.


  1. So they adjust the format to make the judges more central and the viewers switch off. Since Colin is one of those judges it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that he’s leapt to some less than logical conclusions. I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one who finds CF less than appetising.

  2. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

    The picture with this article sums it up for me and if you go to the 7Plus My Kitchen Rules page the banner is the Judges, there are 8 videos on the page and 3 of them have contestants in the stills, the rest yep the judges.

    The small picture on the left of the Judges and MKR Rivals under them is the image that stuck in my mind from the adverts for it during the BBL, and it was at that point I decided well another year another no return to MKR for me as it’s all about the Judges.

    I left because of all the “drama” and 3 years on I am not enticed to return, last year ratings where lower, this year lower again, they have from my perspective lost viewers who watched and not got new ones in. This happened with the Biggest Loser on 10 and they relegated that to an afternoon show, probably time to do the same with MKR if they have the space for it, almost be tempted if I was Seven to…

  3. Two things I get out of this – MKR will be cancelled and Colin will not be on any future 7 shows.

    It’s no surprise that MKR has hit rock bottom, it’s entire format has gone from cooking to unnecessary BS drama.

  4. If Seven want good ratings and good ad revenue it would make sense to avoid the biggest tv show in australia which got almost twice as many views as the block, masterchef etc. It seems more like an ego thing.
    Recently i think Seven messed up alot of good shows. Season 2 of instant hotel was so dull, poor choice of host, The big music quiz had potential but had an awful host. They put Manu (MKR) as a judge in australias got talent. ???

  5. He’s got some chef-level confidence to blame his employer!

    MKR had a formula and the number one ingredient was confected drama. Now that MAFS is on the scene, that is where eyeballs are going for this drama/watercooler gossip. And eventually people will tire of that franchise.

    Good thing about franchises like Masterchef, where the focus is on talented people and judges in an environment that essentially brings out the best of everyone, it is less likely to tire. Anything that Seven does to revamp MKR will now feel like flogging a dead horse.

  6. Once again, a previously good national television show proves if you aren’t from Queensland or NSW, if you don’t cook and eat pavlova or barramundi, if you ain’t got the Sydney Harbour Bridge or a Gold Coast beach out your window, if you aren’t white or if the word restaurant and Melbourne can’t be said in the same sentence, then you just aren’t Australian.

    What was once a show that at least took itself to more than the same old 3 states, albeit maybe one token couple from a couple of states outside of QLD, NSW and VIC, MKR used to have some small degree of relevance and reality. Now MKR is totally absurd. Many of the people featured are hideously manufactured caricatures. It’s painful to watch. Loopy laughing weird women who just aren’t funny or endearing and cunningly calculating snipey males, along with judges who rival the pretence of those from The Voice where their…

  7. Being a contestant and semi finalist of the show in 2011, I refuse to watch it now , in fact for several years.
    It is simply not about the food as when it was when we were on.
    Drama and rivalry started pretty much from 4th season and that’s started the spiralling.
    Its a shame but Im afraid its time that MKR retires…
    Its very painful to watch….

  8. Colin you may be right …but your radio rant has already decided one thing – this is your last appearance in a channel Seven cooking show ….right now the programming department is in full on damage control ..looks to me like .they’ve just about lost the year and and it’s not the time to be bagging out your paymasters !

  9. I noticed the promos for this (in the background in the gym) over the last couple of days have been using words like fun, great, funny etc and the logo being MKR Sun – Thurs with “the rivals” seemingly being omitted.

  10. I had the misfortune of catching a snippit of one of the replays, couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Girl finds guy attractive, sends note, “yes, no, maybe” ……enthralling. One for the slow cooker.

    SBS food exists for a reason.

  11. MKR is virtually unwatchable and it has nothing to do with the programming. The manufactured drama, bitchiness, romance are all pretty nauseating. I’ve watched every season and each year it has become a little meaner, a little more contrived and a lot less about the cooking – with this season, I’m pretty much done.

    I have it taped and fast forward over everything other than some cooking and some tasting. I “watched” two episodes in 30 minutes a couple of nights ago – 30 minutes out of all that time that wasn’t all about arguments, romance and strategising.

    it actually makes me a bit sad, as I wanted to like this, but it really is dross. Colin is fabulous talent and so is Manu, but this rubbish rivalry is soap opera level at best. The producers have an enormous amount to answer for – I wouldn’t want to be known as the EP who killed MKR

  12. Yeah makes sense. A show launches in the same slot as it has every year, yet because it’s not firing it’s the programmers fault….. not because the show is a steaming pile…..

    • Exactly! It’s not as if all those people who have been watching it for 10 years have suddenly forgotten when it’s on. They took a (very odd) gamble on a format change, removed the home restaurant rounds – half the reason most people even watch it…and it didn’t work. I also suspect audiences can see through the desperate attempts to generate “romance” storylines and personality clashes. I can think of no other reason why they would bring back unremarkable cooks like Roula and Rachael, other than the potential for the abrasive personalities to stir up tension.

    • I agree. Viewers clearly do want an alternative to MAFS. They’re just finding it on Ten, SBS, and ABC because MKR is undercooked. A Train Journey program rated higher than MKR, you can’t blame programmers for that.

  13. The ads for the show were enough for me. I watch cooking shows for the cooking. I used to like it in the early seasons. Programs like Great Australian Bake Off show that you can have a cooking competition without the added drama, tension and nastiness. Me not watching has nothing to do with the programming. It is the program itself.

    • MKR suffers from over exposure and milking a cash cow. Over the years they made it longer and longer and stretch out the series. Thy can only blame themselves

  14. Its not theonly readon, but pne of mymain readons i no longer watch is because of colin..he isnt very watchable..also its full of ferals., go survivor!

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