Laura Dern takes Oscar for Netflix

Marriage Story performance wins Laura Dern her first Academy Award.

Actress Laura Dern won her first Academy Award today for the Netflix film Marriage Story.

She won the Best Supporting Actress award, beating out Margot Robbie, Kathy Bates, Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh.

“Noah (Baumbach, director) wrote a movie about love and about breaching divisions in the name and in the honour of family and home and, hopefully, for all of us, in the name of our planet,” she said.

But it was not a year in which the Streaming platform would make history with the Best Picture, with both Marriage Story and The Irishman both missing out. The latter went home empty handed.

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  1. Am I the only one who thought this was an undeserving win? There were no standout scenes in the movie involving her and the character was basically an extension of the one she plays in Big Little Lies.

    1. Valid question.
      Contentious issue – hence why Netflix is going to have trouble winning bigger awards.
      To be eligible for an Oscar your film has to be released in LA for at least 1 week, with a minimum number of screenings.
      Netflix does this with their films to complete eligibility requirements. Doesn’t hurt their streaming numbers much as it’s only in LA.
      I am on the fence – one one hand it’s the future for a lot of films. On the other it is as you say a TV movie and not cinema which we should all lament if it should end (it won’t, like theatre or FTA television or radio, everything just needs to evolve and be louder to compete.)

  2. Hi David, Sorry if I’ve missed this elsewhere on your great site, but was it intended that SA had a 30 minute delay of the telecast on 7? I could have sworn they said it was live… very disappointing for us Oscar nerds who took the day off to watch “live” on HD TV….

    1. I only learned of it this morning (and updated info accordingly). It seems 7 only ever said 12pm Live AEDT. When that term is used it generally means Live everywhere at 12pm AEDT but it seems it meant Live in AEDT states. It was delayed in 3 states and Live on 7plus everywhere. Spare a thought for Perth!

  3. Big boo to 7Plus here in Qld for their shocking coverage of the Oscars. Frozen screen, screen going to black as the Best Actress nominees are read out, coming back from ad breaks in the middle of a sentence. If they can’t show it free to air nationwide they shouldn’t have it. They could easily has shown it on spare channel 74 live here.

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