Little change in reality race on Wednesday

Ratings: MAFS still well in front with Survivor a distant second. MKR lifts ever so slightly.

There was very little change by the big three reality shows last night, despite the extra push in promotions.

Married at First Sight drew another 1.01m viewers, down ever so slightly from the night before and topped the demos.

Australian Survivor pulled 551,000, also down a little on Tuesday’s figures, landing third in the 25-54 demos for the night. It was neck and neck with Hard Quiz (550,000) and 7:30 (545,000) for most of the episode.

My Kitchen Rules was at least the only one of the big 3 to rise, from 402,000  to 428,000. But that was still fourth in its slot behind ABC. Overall it was #11 in the 25-54.

Elsewhere last night Mad as Hell returned to 592,000 and Doctor Doctor drew 532,000 viewers in their respective slots.

Full ratings wrap resumes next week.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 5 February 2020.

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    1. Do people regularly watch All of the News? Seven News is quite clearly divided in half, and we watch until 6.30, then channel surf until whatever evening program comes. Maybe other Seven News watchers break off the news half way, with plenty of time for loo stops, washing up etc before landing on Nine.

    1. Think we should try to keep an open mind. The Circle, MAFS, Survivor, Amazing Race are all filmed in advance and edited but rate. In fact so was BB in a 24 hr window. But I get that people have a perception on the show’s legacy and the Live evictions are much-loved.

  1. Yep the refresh for My Kitchen Rules hasn’t worked, I haven’t watched and I haven’t watched in years, thing was the Promo’s for it never enticed me back. Doing a survey recently it asked did you watch the Big Bash and I answered on occasions, next was do you remember any My Kitchen Rules advertisements and I answered yes. Next was what do you remember most from those advertisements, my answer was a picture of Manu back to Colin and his to Manu with Pete in the middle (that is still the pic on mkr.7plus).

    My takeaway from that was that this year it was going to be all about the Judges and those adverts and that image is what told me that and that image still does and perhaps by the ratings a lot of other people may have as well… in short Judges 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Contestants last is all I got from it.

  2. I expect Big Brother to have a very MAFS feel in terms of drama and conflict; which is going to alienate the die-hard fans. Big Brother is not a tent pole program; it is niche and is better suited to a cable offering or secondary channel / streaming platform. This is how is plays in the US on CBS and CBS All Access

  3. “Best tribal ever”, was utter rubbish and is the kind of click bait line that insults people’s intelligence. If I want that rubbish I would already be be watching 9 and 7’s reality offerings.

        1. It’s Aus Survivor’s best ever tribal. Apart from Benji’s tribal council a few season’s ago this was pure genius. For David and Matt to pull that off is remarkable in itself, but to do it in an All-Star season where players are more savvy and bold, makes last night’s the “best tribal ever”.
          It was Parvati-esque in its execution and step by step thought out brilliance. Could’ve gone absolutely pear-shaped any number of times, from the moment Dave pitched it, to when Matt told his alliance to vote Daisy, to Dave then telling Matt to play his idol on Jacqui, to Brooke finding the idol, to then Matt carrying out the final stages of his plan by playing his idol for Jacqui, to then convincing Brooke to flush hers out for Dave. So many things had to go right. Dave and Matt played this perfectly, and kudos to the Survivor editors for letting us see this happen from its initial planning…

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head – it’s because of how Seven (MKR) and Nine (Block and MAFS) in particular have gone extreme with their promos – and because the ratings followed – is why Ten is doing this. I feel like there was some room to ramp it up, but agree that matching 7/9 isn’t a good move. I think it’s safe to say that Dave’s individual maneuvering was a stand-out and perhaps the promo should have focused on that. However, that’s tricky when you don’t want to give away who’s going to tribal…

      1. What annoys me is that I see Ch10 weather just before 6pm while I am cooking dinner and Josh Holt in Qld kept promoting the Weather in the Jungle and is now promoting DWTS and other competitions. I just want the weather without other bulls*%t! Talk about over promoting and infiltrating. The cross promotion I see on 7News for sunrise also makes me switch off! Just deliver the content!

  4. Perhaps 7 will bring Big Brother forward to replace MKR. It seems like BB is ready to go, but then again it’s another program past it’s use by date and I can’t see it toppling MAFS.

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