Lynne McGranger “horrified” by homophobia claims at Seven

Summer Bay veteran calls out "draconian" mentality at her workplace after Seven cuts same-sex kiss.

Home & Away star Lynne McGranger has criticised Seven in a further development to the controversy surrounding a same-sex kiss being deleted from the soap.

In a Facebook post on Apple TV documentary Visible: Out in Australia, soap historian Andrew Mercado recalled his early days in the media, when Seven execs resisted an Ellen episode due to homophobia.

In a Facebook response Lynne McGranger agreed there was a cultural problem within Seven.

Other industry names also “liked” the post, including former Seven staff.

Seven has blamed the Home & Away edit on “human error” and denied making two editions of the scenes in question.

It declined to comment further.

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  1. H&A execs: too much kissing and real life situations, not enough drug deals, hostage situations, kidnappings or Alf speaking like a 1960’s country pub owner because it’s hilarious!

  2. I don’t think they have pulled everything gay related on their tv shows they show. When Willow came out on Buffy I recall they did show their r rated scene towards the end of the final season as I recorded that ep when it was shown in tassie a month later.

    I do remember the Ellen ep when she came out as I recall I saw it on tv in tassie too some months later and the news about the ep. As back in the 90s and 00s Southern Cross in tassie had 7 and 10 together in one channel so nearly every show ended up a month or so behind due to this which was awful trying to stay away from spoilers

  3. Draconian lol. Yes, that Ellen situation was such a fiasco. It was big news stateside, but we really couldn’t share in it down under. The episode didn’t air until years later, and if I remember correctly it was not in prime time.

  4. I remember when the tv show “the box” was on air in the 70’s and two female characters kissed on screen,there was full frontal nudity on “number 96″and gay relationships, now we are back in victorian times regards tv.

    1. True, but the difference being those programs screened at 8.30, or possibly 9.30pm in the case of The Box. Whilst many parents probably take pride in their progressive attitudes to diversity and LGBT matters, they may be reluctant to ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to what their own kids view in the 7 o’clock spot.

  5. 7 have handled this very badly. would the fallout be worse if they just admitted what everyone already knows; The show is reliant on international sales and they need to pander to the eastern European market, and they aired the eastern europe edit instead of the western europe/Australian edit.

    that way the problem is isolated to home & away instead of dragging down the whole 7 studios brand. 7 studios productions have a good track record of LGBT representation many of their dramas/biopics having gay leads.

  6. For a network that desperately needs younger eyeballs, you’d have thought having Home and Away embrace more contemporary stories and having some diversity in its cast could be a step in the right direction toward achieving that.

  7. Good on Lynne for being willing to speak out so publicly. This just confirms what has only been suspected for so long – that it is a network problem, not a problem with the show or its creative team.

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