MAFS beats Australian Survivor, MKR.

Married at First Sight has drawn first blood in the three way reality tussle, with Australian Survivor landing ahead of My Kitchen Rules.

MAFS topped the night with 1.15m viewers with Australian Survivor at 624,000 and MKR at 517,000.

At 1.15m Married at First Sight is up on its 2019 debut of 1,003,000 and the show’s biggest debut ever.  Australian Survivor is down on its 2019 premiere of 807,000, but notably screening at a different time of year. MKR is well down on its early 2019 numbers which hovered around 815,000.

MKR was also 4th in its slot beaten by ABC’s 7:30 / Back Roads at 598,000 / 578,000.

Elsewhere last night Media Watch enjoyed a strong return for ABC at 633,000 while Q&A returned to 484,000.

Hughesy We Have a Problem and Super Bowl match on 7 both averaged 265,000.

Full ratings analysis resumes next week.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 3 February 2020


  1. Watched Survivor and will continue to do so. Also watched 9-1-1 last night. Such a great series. Kind of wish Seven started with the two parts and didn’t have to wait till next week like the aired it in the US.

  2. Seven new this was coming is the reason why they changed the format to Judge V Judge. Once you get away from an original format you are asking for trouble

  3. I watched Aust Survivor and enjoyed it as usual.. I also recorded MAFS, watched for 30-40 mins and figured I would need to be brain dead to continue, no offence to the many viewers.
    How does one watch that rubbish?

  4. The wife and I have been big fans of MKR since the beginning but yes, the writing has been on the wall for a while and we are not watching this season. Although my personal reason for giving up is actually because of the new format…I don’t like bringing back past guests (similarly why I’m not watching survivor). If they had gone with the old formula I probably would have given it one more season.

    • With MKR they have also been too cheap, not travelling around Australia for the instant restaurant round. That’s why a lot of people watch. If it keeps going like it is it will be on a secondary channel in no time.

    • I agree with you, they’ve taken some short cuts with the new format and it’s not paying off. They should just get all fresh people next year’s season (presuming there will be one), make the prize at least 150k and travel across the country for Instant Restaurants. The Rivals was a bad idea.

  5. I watched MRK last night. They’ve tweaked the formula, but it’s still the same old, same old. Trying to develop drama when there’s nothing there. Two contestants (Rommel and the other whose name I forget) were at each other’s throats, and I could hardly understand why. There was the typical good ol’ boys team, with one of the girls fancying them. Then there was some “strategic” voting, which is sooo 2012. My eyes will be on the lookout for whatever desperate stunt MKR pulls in the months to come to try and drum up some controversy/interest.

  6. Was hoping Survivor would be a higher. I would have loved Survivor to beat MAFS but of course that was never going to happen. Great results nonetheless for the show! MKR is surely done this year with those numbers?

  7. MKR has been a franchise on the decline for a few years now, so that results isn’t that much of a shock. That said – It’s been Seven’s start of year staple for a such a long time, I can see why they had a last crack at re-inventing it.
    Any plans to attach Plate of Origin to the MKR brand should surely now be put on ice.
    I thought Survivor might have launched higher, but still significantly up on this time last year for 10.

    • barrington bumbaclaart

      This issue is one of programming, not editing. The editors are not responsible for, or have a say in the decision to stripe these shows over multiple nights a week. That decision is made by executives, commissioners and programmers. They are the ones demanding extended series and long episode lengths to capitalise on advertising revenue. On behalf of all fellow editors, please redirect your vitriol towards them.

    • I agree, and I’m a survivor fan but I’ll still watch. Mafs was fast and it seemed like limited ads so had me hooked enough to keep going.I can’t even watch the disaster that is MKR.Maybe 7 should do 1 ep a week on a Sunday night opposite Graham Norton for MKR

    • I’m the opposite. I love the longer Survivor episodes and am finding myself enjoying more than the US one. JLP has become a great host and the mix of characters this season is really good. However they must go back to all new players in Season 6. They have done the all-stars to compete with the Channel 9 garbage ( I can’t even say it’s name) however hopefully back to basics in October/November. Can never have too much Survivor!

  8. That must be the nail in the coffin for MKR, at least as a first quarter show against MAFS. Problem is Seven don’t have a better option right now. Unless Pooch Perfect is going to be a surprise hit (and I highly doubt it)

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