MasterChef alumni eager for another crack at title

The MasterChef kitchen was buzzing last night as 10 launched Season 12.

10 execs joined with producers, cast, media and advertisers as the Top 24 were revealed for a “Back to Win” season.

10 Chief Content Officer Beverly McGarvey said, “MasterChef is and always had been about the food. The core of the show is really authentic. The casting has been amazing for many, many years. We cast people for their cooking ability. Of course they are interesting, but it’s really about the food. I think that’s why it stands out from all the other shows.”

Endemol Australia Chief Content Officer Peter Newman said the “Back to Win” theme kicks off a new era of MasterChef and dropped a gentle joke about the cast hungry for a second chance.

“When we put the invites out we were blown away by the amazing cast that wanted to have another crack…. the lunatics who want to have another crack at holding up that incredible trophy!

“Actually in the first week of filming, I was just standing over there where our camera is normally positioned and watching this cast cook against each other is just mesmerising. Watching Poe vs Reynold vs Callum vs Ben vs Amina. It’s absolutely extraordinary to watch and I think fans of the show will hopefully feel the same way.”

Newman was also asked by launch host Angela Bishop about getting Gordon Ramsay for Week 1.

“Gordon Ramsay is a huge fan of MasterChef Australia and he really wanted to be involved in this season. Getting into his diary is bloody hard. But actually as luck would have it his dates lined up with what will be our first week on air. So having Gordon in the house, it’s fair to say the atmosphere was absolutely electric. This place was rocking in the first week, it was incredible to watch. I think we definitely surprised a few of the people,” he continued.

“We’ve got one of the best black books in the world when it comes to food and shared contents but our strategy for what we do with this new generation of MasterChef, we wanted to build a team that can take this show forward into the next 10 years. I think it’s fair to say we’re absolutely delighted when Melissa, Jock & Andy agreed to do it. The chemistry is fantastic. Their perspective on food is amazing. They bring so much fun to the show, an incredible energy. I just hope the audience fall in love with them as much as we have.”

The series is still some time off, due in Q2.


  1. This is a good way to not focus on the judges straight out of the blocks. I believe it’s why they have this all stars. The more focus on known contestants, the less on judges. This will give time for people to get to know the judges but I fear that it may end up as Top Gear did……an unwatchable load of garbage.

  2. I understand that it would be nice to give a new cast a chance, but I think it’s also innovative to have some of the previous favourites return for another chance. I think it’s a good concept and it shows that it’s an impassioned cooking show. I’d like to see more travels outside of the MasterChef kitchen, whether it be domestically or internationally. I really liked and thought the episodes where the contestants were cooking in nice regions and locations were the most memorable. I’m also looking forward to this.

  3. While the reputation of similar shows usually diminishes over time, I think it’s testament to Masterchef Australia’s ongoing credibility and reputation that so many former contestants who’ve gone on to forge very successful careers for many years after their stint on the show are willing to return and associate themselves with the brand again. I’m looking forward to it already.

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