10 draws biggest ratings share in 2 years

Ratings: Viewers in isolation are now voting with their remotes for entertainment alternatives.

The double combo of MasterChef & Gogglebox has helped 10 to their biggest overnight share in 2 years.

MasterChef Australia pulled its 4th straight night over a the magic million, at 1.07m viewers and topped the demos. Its nearest competition was 7:30 at 694,000 viewers. A Pooch Perfect finale fizzled out with just 316,000 viewers in fourth place.

Gogglebox also dominated its slot at a huge 874,000 viewers -its second biggest-audience ever.

Seven News topped the night at an impressive 1.28m / 1.24m viewers, defeating Nine News 1.1m / 1.09m.

10’s share of 27.3% (on three channels) was its best since February 2018 with a Big Bash League semi final. Alas it is out of survey, meaning it won’t directly assist annual share.

Next were Nine 24.3%, Seven 23.4%, ABC 16.3% and SBS 8.7%.

Full ratings wraps resume on Monday.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 16 April 2020

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  1. From someone who is not really into reality TV…..I am loving everything about the new Masterchef…
    And Gogglebox..seriously…with the narration…is better than even watching the actual shows….I laugh so much….

  2. I’m sure the only reason it has the biggest rating is because of 3 reasons 1. People have nothing much else to watch 2. Because if Coronavirus and people watching more tv in general and 3. The curiosity factor of the 3 judges. I personally can’t stand the new judges or seeing all the old contestants even though a few are my favorites the wole thing is annoying to me and I too am also watching as there’s not much else to watch and yes curiousity in hoping it will get better but mainly I’ve just got it in the background now rather than concentrating on previous seasons. It’s really not as interesting watching ‘professional’ cooks over armatures trying to make it. The whole thing to me is like our current pandemic situation very hard to believe and to handle.

  3. Well done to Masterchef! According to the data I collect this is Masterchef’s highest rating first week since 2011. Which is pretty big in itself when you think about how the rates have been nose diving for a few years now.

  4. Ramsey has been box office gold for the new era of MC and has allowed the judges time to find their feet. I like the fact that all but 1of the contestants face elimination each time. They all have to constantly bring their A game…So far so good…

      1. I agree the changes seem a bit confusing. The weeks seem to be less distinct now – by that I mean in the past the Sunday mystery box would set up the whole week (especially if there was a theme for the week) but now immunity the week before flows onto the Sunday elimination. I wonder if since basically all the all star contestants are pro chefs this season, the immunity challenge from past seasons where contestants competed against a professional chef for the immunity pin would have been pointless. I also wondered if they were trying to boost Sunday night ratings (which in the past few years have been lower than weeknights) with Sunday eliminations. New judges is a chance to refresh but I wonder if too much change will be confusing for viewers, especially when they’re relying on nostalgia so much.

        1. Give it a chance to bed in, but the majority of these contestants are involved within the industry and only a few are still home cooks. It should be a tougher comp with fewer chances for redemption. Let’s see how it goes.

    1. I agree and I do wonder what impact Gordon has on the ratings, once he’s no longer hosting how many viewers will they lose? Will be interesting to see. It’s been a great call to have him open this series that’s for sure.

  5. David what’s your informed intuition here – that this is indicative of Ten’s programming to be popular with viewers but not (under other circumstances) viewed live, or was (the traditionally quiet?) Thursday night a blip and smart programming on Ten’s part to place Masterchef there?

  6. If I am an advertiser, I want as many people as possible to see my ads…so it wouldn’t matter if it’s in survey or not. With so much competition now, the networks can no longer afford to run dead in “non ratings” periods. The whole “out of survey” concept seems so antiquated now

    1. It is what it is always had ratings non periods. Must admit understand Christmas Jan period as non ratings but not during other times. Interesting to no if advertising rates are cheaper for same time slot for non ratings compared to ratings period.

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