Psst. Wanna rent The Block?

If you have dreams of living in The Block a number of the properties from Season 15 are seeking tenants.

But the weekly price tag will set you back at up to $2700 a week. Several vacancies hit the property market last month through Hocking Stuart.

Buying and leasing the properties seems to be the trend in recent seasons and probably suggests the show should canvas properties as investment properties rather than owner-occupier.

Penthouses from The Gatwick from 2018 were offering stays through TripAdvisor from over $620+ a night while Hughesy rented out his Elsternwick property bought in 2017.

“I had trouble renting it. It took a while,” he once said.

“At one point the real estate agent rang me and said, ‘someone wants to move in but they’ve got a dog’. I felt like saying, ‘I don’t care whether they’ve got a meth lab’.

Source:, Domain

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