Update: Nine News

Nine News has added an afternoon bulletin and bumped Hot Seat in Adelaide.

Nine News has added an afternoon bulletin into 5pm in Adelaide hosted by Will McDonald.

This sees Hot Seat move to 4pm from today in Adelaide only, following Tipping Point.

This comes despite Programming Director Hamish Turner last month telling TV Tonight, “Eddie is still there this year. I think the numbers were pretty pleasing towards the back end of last year. So we are going around again with Hot Seat and no changes there.”

Nine also said there were no plans for a local version of Tipping Point.

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  1. I don’t know how 5pm News will be a good lead in for 6pm News, haven’t we just seen everythino? Why stay for another hour to hear everything again. And if 5pm is full of ‘hear the full story at 6pm’ then another reason to avoid.

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