10 delays Bachelor in Paradise

Loss of shows has resulted in 10 holding back on dating series until later in the year.

Bachelor in Paradise has been delayed by 10 due to shows disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally the series was due to screen between Australian Survivor and MasterChef Australia and 10 had been screening promos.

But 10 will now include two weeks of specials including Jamie Oliver and COVID-19 content before MasterChef begins on Easter Monday.

A Network 10 spokesperson said;  “Do not panic. You will still get to see your favourite bachelorettes and bachelors when they return to paradise for romance, scandal, betrayal and – for three couples – true love. Bachelor In Paradise has wrapped production and will air in the coming months.”

The Bachelor has been filming -and likely challenged by social distancing rules- but 10 is yet to announce plans for The Bachelorette. It isn’t clear if it too has been impacted by the current crisis.

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  1. In one sense, I’m delighted, because it means there is only 2 programs on FTA I need to keep track of, but also confused why TEN wouldn’t have a slow capitalise on this. Masterchef Mon-Tues and Bachelor in Paradise Wed/Thurs. This would make both shows last a while.

    However I think I also understand TEN’s reasoning. Save your hit show for later in the year and show factual etc now as people will probably watch them anyway right now. (Bondi had a decent audience compared to what it would normally get and Ambulance was huge, so it wouldn’t surprise me if next week How clean is your house gets about 500k on TEN).

  2. Im not sure this is wise… Masterchef goes for all of Q2 so assumedly it will run in Q3 or 4, but this is when Bachelor/ette runs. Seems like an overload of the same franchise at the same time. Unless it replaces the Bachelorette which hasn’t filmed yet.

  3. Probably because the second Survivor this year won’t happen … shame, 10 had momentum and now they’ll lose some. We don’t need another channel filling their schedule with more coronavirus updates.

    1. Yes, Survivor has been getting season high ratings because of this. Think this was a poor move but maybe they have a good BTS reason we don’t know about.

    2. I’m devastated too, I’ve been really looking forward to this. I’m over all the Covid news. I need to escape and not watch the same bad news day after day. Bachelor in Paradise is perfect for escaping. This is a dumb move 10, i’d rather watch streaming than news and Jamie and i’m sure i’m not alone.

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