Airdate: Guilt

Everyone has secrets in this dark comedy / thriller set in Edinburgh.

UK series Guilt (which is variously described as a crime thriller / dark comedy) is coming to BBC First in April.

The 4 part series features Mark Bonnar (Shetland, Line of Duty, Unforgotten), Jamie Sives (The Victim, In the Dark, Secret State), and Ruth Bradley (Humans, The Fall, Rebellion).

Written by Neil Forsyth (Eric, Ernie and Me, Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon) this aired in the UK last October.

A stylish, contemporary crime thriller set in Edinburgh, packed with unexpected plot twists and steeped in black humour. Everyone has secrets. You might do your best to hide them. But they’ll come out in the end. Brothers Max and Jake couldn’t be more different. Max is wealthy with an apparently perfect life. Jake scrapes a living running a record shop. Driving home late one night, they accidentally kill an old man on a darkened street. They manage to conceal their crime, but when others suspect the death wasn’t as innocent as it first appeared, the brothers’ lives start falling apart. As their guilt takes them into a dangerous world where everyone seems to have a hidden agenda, they soon discover they can trust no-one. Not even each other.

Thursdays at 8.30pm from April 16 on BBC First.

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