Big Brother filming to resume

Filming to resume tomorrow after crew member tests negative.

Filming is set to resume at the Big Brother house in Manly.

An Endemol Shine Australia spokesperson told TV Tonight: “The test result for our Big Brother crew member believed to be exposed to COVID-19 has come back negative. We will resume filming Big Brother tomorrow and will continue to work within all Federal and State guidelines.”

The news follows a pause in filming due to precautionary steps after a crew member was exposed to someone who tested positive to the pandemic.

Housemates were told of the worldwide pandemic last week.

Photo: Behind Big Brother.

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  1. TV show idea: A virus kills most of the human population. The only survivors are the contestants on Big Brother. At first they have no idea what has happened, but after several days of not hearing form “Big Brother” or the host they work out that something bad has happened. They manage to break out of the House. They realise that most people are dead and it’s up to them to rebuild society, but being Big Brother contestants that barely know how to change a lightbulb let alone rebuild a civilisation

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