Filming to begin on Plate of Origin

Filming on Plate of Origin is getting underway, with Seven filming in Sydney next Sunday.

Seven has sponsored ads on Facebook for interested audience members -which makes a change from the usually closed-set cook-offs.

Seven is yet to detail the format of its cuisine vs cuisine contest which it is still only promoting with Manu Feildel. Both Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan are set to feature in the show, but can’t be publicly associated with Seven due to clauses in their 10 contracts.

Meanwhile, an apparent POO logo depicted here also seems to use a similar concept to the Masterchef “grill.”

It will be interesting to see if that becomes another point of contention.


  1. What a clever and subtle play on words. Sheer genius. My uncle, who has been a quiet sideshow at family gatherings for years, would be so proud of a word association pun like that. High class entertainment for sure awaits us all….

  2. Hmmm if Seven thinks this is going to work, this could go down same path as Pooch Perfect. Ep 1 will have curiosity viewers and once they know its not as good as Masterchef ….boom. Feel sorry for Seven but they are reaping of what is their own doing. Too much concentration on being #1, arrogance of being on top, boys club culture, no innovation, under the table tennis deals…. And now no one wants any deals with them. Karma is started its job.

  3. All these toilet paper related comments are a bit too much and real nasty. It’s one thing to say you don’t like the sound of the show but another to be plain vile to the producers of the show who may be reading these comments. Learn some constructive criticism people. No doubt some of you are some of the ‘true blue’ Australians who have been hogging all the toilet paper and other essentials too…

    • Totally agree ! People have been bagging this show constantly since it was first announced. And I’ve noticed a marked increase in negative comments about Seven in general lately. People seem to revel in kicking a Network when it’s down.

      • James-original

        +1 Definitely agree.
        I do wonder why some people spend so much time belittling content, especially titles that haven’t yet aired.

    • I don’t think anyone here would be a toilet paper hogger, thats a big statement.It’s a bold, humorous move to call a food show POO and if the producers are reading I think they would appreciate the heads up if its laughed at on this site of television enthusiasts maybe it won’t be warmly received by the general public.

  4. The biggest copycat format of them all was Family Food Fight at Nine. It was so similar to MasterChef I’m amazed that Shine didn’t sue Nine.

  5. Remember The Hotplate on Nine? Google ‘hotplate logo channel 9’ to see they used a grill type of thing too. Can’t see any problems with POO. I mean if Apple had no luck fighting Woolworths logo change lol (that was insane)

  6. It just feels tired already and it hasn’t even begun. Masterchef ads are excellent(I would much rather watch Poh than POO), hope 7 spice it up a bit, can you polish…POO ?

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