Nine moves MAFS finale against House Rules premiere

There may be a global war with a pandemic, but the war in TV programming stops for nothing….

With Seven announcing a Sunday premiere for House Rules: High Stakes (the first day of Easter non-ratings), Nine has returned fire by hitting it with the Married at First Sight finale.

MAFS was originally due to conclude on Wednesday, but Nine has hatched a new plan:

7:30pm Paramedics
8:30pm Nine News special: COVID-19
9:30pm New Amsterdam (Syd Bris)
9:30pm Footy Classified (Melb Ade Per)
10:pm Don’t Tell The Doctor

7pm Married at First Sight final
8:30pm 60 Minutes
9:30pm Nine News special: COVID-19

Meanwhile Doctor Doctor fans should all relocate to the UK where the show screened last year, if they can find a plane.

Could Seven should now move House Rules to a Monday launch? Hmm…


  1. The EPG hasn’t been updated, but the promo that screened in the last ad break for The Chase in Sydney said House Rules premieres on Monday at 7pm.

  2. I am looking forward to House Rules but am already over the constant ads with the couple from Queensland going on about being Bogans. Starting to really spoil it for me

  3. I do sometimes wonder why I still subscribe to TV Week given all the changes that are made. Even shows on 7flix have moved around between when the tv guide was printed and actual broadcast. Case in point: Sound of Music was printed to be showed on Sunday, but was moved to some time last week. Totally understand the schedules on Nine and Seven changing to cover covid 19/lack of live sports, but surely there is no need to change 7flix.

  4. Outside of AU/NZ, Doctor Doctor is called “The Heart Guy”.

    All 4 seasons are available to stream on UKTV Play. It’s also available via Acorn TV (excluding AU & NZ).

    Having said that though, if Nine actually cared then they would have put up the remaining 4 episodes on 9Now. Better still they would have broadcast S4 last year when it was originally scheduled!!!!

  5. Record both, Chase play one an hour after they start. Then watch the other. skip the commercials and you will have watched both shows in about 2 hours!!!!!!

  6. Ha – I love it! I think its a good move made by Nine, but surly Seven will have to move the premiere out by one day. This is funny, we all need the laugh… Do you think Nine will heavily promote The Block during the MAFS Finale?
    (Also, I say an ad say Doctor Doctor is returning April 22)

  7. this reminds me of when 9 had a schappelle corby movie. then the timing of the launch lined up with when she was released from prison and the associated media circus. 9’s confidence in the movie grew, so they changed its scheduling to air up against 7’s INXS miniseries. Schappelle bombed.

  8. clem_official

    This is dirty and I hope that House Rules premieres strong. I don’t really watch Channel 9 any more because their programming is either out dated or rubbish. I would encourage viewers to watch House Rules not MAFS. 9 don’t seem to care for Doctor Doctor fans anymore either.

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