Nine News specials: update

Nine News Special: COVID-19 will now air each night this week at the following times.

These are one hour specials.

Monday, March 23: 9.00pm
Tuesday, March 24: 9.00pm
Wednesday, March 25: 9.00pm
Thursday, March 26: 8.30pm (9.45pm in Brisbane, 10.45pm in Sydney)
Friday, March 27: 8.30pm (9.45pm in Brisbane, 10.45pm in Sydney)
Saturday, March 28 10.10pm
Sunday, March 29 9.30pm

A special one-hour edition of A Current Affair will broadcast Saturday, March 28 at 7.00pm.

Doctor Doctor is back on April 1 according to current info.


  1. And 9 will only shoot themselves in the foot when it does return because people will not know when it returns and ratings will plummet. I believe there are only about 3 episodes left? Move it to 9GEM so the flow of the story continues or put on 9NOW. Don’t treat loyal fans with disrespect. And at 9pm at night I want escapism before bed. Not a further reminder of the state of the world. Put it back on…

  2. We don’t need this! All these news programs are depressing everyone. Its not even new info. If something important happens run a news flash. Give us relief with entertainment and laughs

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Oh give me strength….I am newsed out….. difficult enough dealing with this virus event…worrying about family, friends etc…and trying to keep ourselves safe….when so many are spreading it selfishly…..
    I need another special news event …like a need a bed full of fleas….Please…just stop!

    • Totally agree Maev. I want to stay informed, so I watch a little bit of news in the morning, and then the 6pm bulletin. Overexposure to this, or any other disaster type event tends to depress me.

  4. I know this is very superficial right now, but the national news set background is finally a prober ‘night look’ instead of the bright bland day one. So much better on the eyes – good move, and well done to Peter O and the team. Great job!

  5. Sick of these news specials pre-emptying normal programming! Half an hour would be enough as they are generally just repeating what was on at 6pm.

  6. I would suspect that with the imminent shutdown of the NRL Brisbane and Sydney will no get it at the same time as the rest of the country.

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