Paul Murray Live: Mar 18

Paul Murray speaks one-on-one with PM Scott Morrison this evening.

In a special edition of Paul Murray Live Our Town tonight Paul Murray speaks one-on-one with Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t miss Paul’s interview with Mr Morrison as he discusses the Federal Government’s decision to ban Australians from travelling, why we aren’t going into complete lockdown and how he plans to lead the nation through the crisis.

Tonight at 9:00pm on SKY News.

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  1. Greetings Paul, My wife & I never miss your shows. One complaint. While we disagree with much of what Nicholas Reece says, we consider he has a rough ride every week. He is incessantly interrupted by Bronwyn (in particular) in mid stream, and is rarely able to complete his view . . but he rarely interrupts Bronwyn (for whom we have a great respect) To Nick’s credit he never loses his cool and is forever good humoured. Give him a fair go then bag him when he’s finished his say!. Ray & Mary Scott

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