Rebecca Maddern cleared, returns to Ninja Warrior.

Rebecca Maddern has been cleared of a coronavirus test and is returning to Australian Ninja Warrior.

She self-isolated as a precaution following a positive test by Today co-star Richard Wilkins, missing two heats with Shane Crawford alongside Ben Fordham.

“I’m negative and that means I’m back to work and back on the set of Ninja Warrior, that I can’t wait for,” she said.

“I hope he had a really good time but sorry Shane I’m back.

“I’m really thankful for him and I’m sure he would have done a terrific job. By all reports he smashed it out of the park.”

Nine has confirmed Season 4 will continue filming at Melbourne Showgrounds.

“We are going with the safety recommendations and the guidelines,” she continued.

“We have no audience. We have the competitors and we have close family and friends.

“We are keeping distance. We are extremely hygienic. Everyone is doing everything they possibly can.”

She added, “We are waiting for updates. As soon as something changes, we will comply. At this stage we are allowed to film and we are going ahead with all the necessary precautions in place.”


  1. This is the second articles that says Richard Wilkins and Rebecca Maddern host Today Extra. Don’t they both host Weekend Today? David Campbell hosts Today Extra with Sylvia Jeffreys; or Belinda Russell.

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