Returning: The Front Bar

The Front Bar returns to air on Wednesday night.

Andy Maher, Mick Molloy and Sam Pang will be joined by new regular Andy Lee.

The show will be without its regular pub audience, but will include a small network crowd.

This screens at 8:30pm Wednesday in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth, and at 10:10pm in Sydney & Brisbane.

Meanwhile with AFL kicking off on Thursday (without fans in attendance), Pooch Perfect moves to 7TWO in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

Please check local guides.


  1. thedirtydigger

    Well well well …all those relentless promos …all that noise and publicity .. finally Pooch Perfect has the ratings bark of a chihuahua …love to get some of the drugs Seven programming were on when they commissioned this piece of pooper scooper content .
    At least there’s one winner here – Rebel would be laughing all the way to the bank …

  2. Wonder if Fox will allow Seven to broadcast all matches until the crowd lockout fiasco is over. Otherwise how are fans of the clubs who have Fox produced games shown, especially the 10 Victorian teams, meant to be able to see their team play if they don’t even have the option to go to the game and don’t have pay TV? They are expected to live with not seeing it or get pay TV

  3. So 7 bombarded us with commercials leading up to the start of Pooch Perfect and now it’s shafted to 7Two just because of football. I’m glad I have no interest in either show.

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