Staff-only as Seven bans all guest access

Seven puts a temporary ban on guests entering all of its buildings until further notice.

Seven will not admit non-employees to shows including Sunrise, The Morning Show, and Daily Edition as a precautionary step due to coronavirus concerns.

All employees and regular guests will still be permitted access.

But guests doing in-studio interviews will be suspended. Showbiz stars promoting releases can still be interviewed via Live crosses, but will not be able to enter Seven’s Martin Place studios until further notice.

The move will apply to all Seven productions and sites around the country.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Like many organisations, Seven West Media is operating with a range of precautionary measures in place to protect its people and operations. These are being continually evaluated and include restrictions on non-essential travel, access to sets, production units and other working sites, and the implementation of workplace plans that maximise business continuity.

“In terms of live studio audiences, decisions will be made closer to the relevant time for any such activity on the upcoming schedule.”

The Front Bar is due to take place in Melbourne next week and is understood to have a small network gathering.

It is also unclear how the restriction will impact the Good Friday Appeal on April 10th.

The network stance comes despite assuring advertisers yesterday the Olympic Games are still on track for July.

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  1. Thought just came to mind, if when the contestants went into the Big Brother house a few weeks ago for start of filming, if that was actually live now they’d have to give them all this news (probably still do), however it happening live could have been good viewing (in a Reality TV sense).

    Plus they may never get out now.

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