Wentworth Con fan event coming to Melbourne

Season 8 of Wentworth, to premiere in June, will be joined by  coinciding with a major fan event – Wentworth Con.

Wentworth Con will held in Melbourne on June 13-14, 2020.

Fans will have the chance to meet and interact with the stars with panels, audience Q&A, photo ops, autograph signing sessions, and more.

Season 8 cast includes the return of Pamela Rabe (Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson) alongside Leah Purcell (Rita Connors), Kate Atkinson (Vera Bennett), Katrina Milosevic (Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins), Robbie Magasiva (Will Jackson), Kate Jenkinson (Allie Novak), Bernard Curry (Jake Stewart) , Rarriwuy Hick (Ruby Mitchell), Susie Porter (Marie Winter). New cast members are Kate Box (Lou Kelly), Jane Hall (Ann Reynolds), Zoe Terakes (Rebel ‘Reb’ Keane) and support cast Jacquie Brennan (Linda Miles) and David de Lautour (Dr. Greg Miller).

Foxtel hasalso announced that Prisoner heritage character, ‘Judy Bryant’ will enter the series, played by Vivienne Awosoga (Neighbours, The Time of Our Lives, Peter Rabbit 2)..The role was originally created by Betty Bobbit.

Wentworth is a Fremantle production for Foxtel with Fremantle Director of Scripted, Jo Porter and Foxtel’s Senior Drama Consultant, Penny Win as executive producers. Pino Amenta is series producer for season eight. The directors are Kevin Carlin, Beck Cole, Fiona Banks, Corrie Chen, Roger Hodgman and Mat King. The writers are John Ridley, Kim Wilson, Pete McTighe, MaxConroy and Marcia Gardner, who is both script producer and writer. Season 8 is supported by funding from Film Victoria.


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