1.23m for bumper MasterChef launch

MasterChef Australia has launched its ‘Back to Win’ series to a bumper 1.23m viewers -the best launch since 2015.

Curiosity in the new judges, together with a self-isolating audience and little competition, paid off in droves for 10.

The show led in demos and easily surpassed 2019’s launch of 715,000 viewers. New judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen have been largely well-received in social media, cleverly eased into the format with familiar returning guests and drawcard Gordon Ramsay.

Next in the slot were 7:30 (770,000), Australian Story (662,000), House Rules (548,000) and RBT (422,000). The crowd ensured 10 won the night, with Seven in second place and Nine pushed to third.

10 won Monday with 26.8% then Seven 25.2%, Nine 23.5%, ABC 17.2% and SBS 7.2%.

Elsewhere Seven News was #1 with a huge 1.3m / 1.27m viewers ahead of Nine News 1.18m / 1.1m.

ABC News drew 954,000.

Home & Away returned to 676,000 viewers.

Full ratings wraps resume next week.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 13 April 2020


  1. CriticalVoice

    Fantastic first week of MasterChef for Network Ten and well deserved ratings, even beating MAFS for the debut episode ratings crown for 2020.

    There is a lot of appeal for all those cast but it must be said, the real star of MasterChef 2020 is Poh Ling Yeow. As stated by Adam Liaw for the Guardian, it’s hard to fathom why she is behind the cooking desks and not judging in front of them. Ten will hope and pray Poh doesn’t go too early and if she continues towards the end, they’ll be hoping and praying for more of Poh beyond 2020.

    One can see some quite interesting adjustments to the judging style and perhaps see where the replacements have stamped a mark already right from the start. The decisions are swift and less painful to watch with unnecessary nitpicking or canned drama. Let’s face it, these contestants are cooking masters already and the judges are forwarding them that…

  2. It is so good to have a real competition show back on air. MKR was too much about personal drama. I was missing a show where the competition was the drama and with all the home cooking I’ve doing since lock down I could do with some tips =P

  3. We breathed a massive sigh of relief in our household that MasterChef only changed what they had to, and that the new judges kicked off with little to criticise. Great start. They just had too much dragging out (more than normal) so could have done with some tighter editing. But it’s a strong enough launch to have us in for the season.

  4. I loved the new judges especially Melissa & Jock, personally I find Andy a little grating. However, I understand his appeal as an ocker Australian.
    The returning contestants was a master stroke and a perfect way to re-invigorate the brand. Well done for the first episode and I can’t wait to see more.
    I didn’t miss Gary, George and Matt at all. I was deffo time for a change.

  5. Justin Leigh

    Loved the new judges, contestants and Gordon, and what a well produced, vibrant and exciting first episode. You have smashed it out of the park Masterchef!

  6. What a great return, masterstroke having Gordon there to ease us in to the new judges, I didn’t miss the old judges at all, was a great tribute at the start of the show, and to see contestants having fun and supporting each other is just what we needed and refreshing to watch.

  7. Great results for 10. Also a very smart to have the Back to Win/All-Stars season as the first season with the new judges. Gives people who watched the previous seasons a reason to come back and warm up to the new judges. Congratulations all around. Going up against Lego Masters is going to be very interesting…

  8. Really enjoyed masterchef last night. Kind of missed Matt and Gary but I did not miss George’s yelling and his use of cutlery.

    I thought the 3 judges seem to be ok and I thought it was good that Gordon was there waiting for them as they walked through the doors. It was a good idea to start off with him. The cooking was great and I can’t wait to see what this season brings.

    • I will really miss Gary and Matt – such a shame the way they left. Not a fan of the new judges but I’ve never missed an episode so I will stick with it and see if I can warm to them. So glad Gordon is helping out this week.

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