10 Play: The Secrets She Keeps

10 has surprisingly dropped its new local miniseries The Secrets She Keeps on 10 Play, as the final addition in its “10 shows in 10 days” stunt.

All 6 episodes are now available. The series is expected to come to Wednesday nights later this month.

Meghan doesn’t know Agatha, but Agatha knows Meghan. In fact, it’s safe to say, Agatha could learn a thing or two about social distancing.

Two women from vastly different backgrounds have one thing in common: explosive secrets that could destroy everything they hold dear.

Based on the best-selling book, of the same name, by Australian author Michael Robotham, the six-part psychological thriller stars Jessica De Gouw (The Crown, The Hunting) as Meghan, a glamorous mother of two with an impressive social media following, and Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey, The Spanish Princess) as Agatha, a supermarket shelf-stacker.

Both are heavily pregnant and after a seemingly chance encounter, their lives collide in one shocking act that can’t be undone.

The production also boasts a formidable supporting cast including Michael Dorman (Patriot, Wonderland) as Meghan’s husband and sports broadcaster Jack, Ryan Corr (The Commons, Holding The Man) as his longtime friend Simon, and newcomer Michael Sheasby (The Nightingale, Hacksaw Ridge) as Agatha’s partner and a sailor in the Australian Navy, Hayden.

The Secrets She Keeps is a Lingo Pictures production for Network 10 with major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Network 10. It is financed with support from Screen NSW.


  1. I saw it advertised tonight and I looked on 10 play and was pleasantly surprised to see it there. Will binge all six episodes tomorrow. I’m a huge fan of Lauren Carmichael mostly because of Downton Abbey.

    • Advertsing revenue and word of mouth for 10 Play viewings will be greater than possible new 10 All Access subscriptions, given hundreds of thousands now at home after losing their jobs and others tightening their belt.

    • Stupid hey. Ud think it would drive memberships but maybe they think money from the ads online is more bang for buck. Surprised this was released tho, actually looks really good

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