Billions, Black Monday trim seasons

Two US titles on Stan will have shorter runs this season due to the pandemic.

Two US titles which both stream on Stan will have shorter runs this season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Billions will air from May with 7 episodes, down from the usual 12, while Black Monday, currently screening, will wrap at 6 episodes.

Black Monday had completed shooting, but was still in post-production when the shutdown took affect, according to sources.

Billions was still in the process of shooting. Season 5 begins on Stan on Sunday 3 May.

Source: Variety

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  1. According to multiple sources, Showtime has announced that season 2 of “Black Monday,” which is currently airing, and season 5 of “Billions” will be interrupted mid-flow, go on hiatus and come back once filming and production can be completed. Not shorter seasons, just interrupted seasons.

  2. Billions will be interesting as this new COVID19 GFC should be included in this new seasons in production story arc.
    Headaches all round for the Billions writers and showrunner, because Mr. Axelrod will have a lot more to think about than Chuck Rhoades.

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