1. I wasn’t sure if Lego Masters could do as well second time around but I am so glad to say that it is just as wonderful. Laughed out loud all through the first episode. Hamish is in his element and I love the way he takes the mickey out of all the other competition shows.

    Sad to say, House Rules is gone from my list after many loyal years. Just too much bling and glamour and filler, and now a MKR-style voting. It has lost its mojo.

  2. Good tv last night. Watched Masterchef then The Castle. I love the changes in MC. The round table, how pressure tests are over 2 rounds and how they have switched the nights around they do things from last year.

    The castle really is a nice film. Yeah it’s funny to see the references that aren’t around anymore. The trading post and buying a gun from it. No way would that happen anymore. But what hit me last night was seeing a family eat dinner together and watching tv and not a phone or I pad in sight. Working dog did a great job with this film.

  3. Lego Masters is really good this year and even though I’ve seen the Castle several times it was good to rewatch it. Now off to watch last nights episode of Master Chef.

  4. thedirtydigger

    I had ‘The Castle’ on in the background while I was looking at my phone , and it must be the greatest Australian film of all time ?
    Performances were fanastic , so well cast by Jane Kennedy, the role that gave Michael Caton a second career hosting those home shows for many years on Seven…
    The fillum so perfectly captured what it means to be an Australian, fair go , loyal, daggy and slightly un-PC.
    And the Trading Post references are gold, I wonder how many younger viewers had to be told that the long gone weekly newspaper was kind of like Facebook marketplace – and yes, even today some sellers are ” dreamin’…

    • I watched the opening of The Castle and was completely hooked (yet again) and watched the whole movie without looking up. Laughter, tears, tesion… it had the lot.

      I must also say it’s the best Australian filme ever.

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