Final bows for Will & Grace

"This ending was a little bit more honest to the characters," says co-creator.

“This ending was a little bit more honest to the characters,” co-creator Max Mutchnick tells The Hollywood Reporter of Will and Grace‘s series finale (given it was their second finale).

“We were making stuff up the first time around. And this felt like, the world had changed, we had changed, and the characters therefore were going to change.

“The first time around, we felt a little bit more beholden to the traditions of family dynamics and tableaus. And the truth is, the best family tableau is the one that works best for you — and that’s what we’re going to give Will and Grace. Now, we’re a little bit more evolved and we realised: No, this is how they would actually do it.”

You can read more here (spoilers).

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  1. I really feel the rumours of Debra & Megan feuding were true after watching this season. They barely made eye contact, nor hardly spoke a line to each other the whole season! The most interaction they had all season was in the finale when they held hands at the top of the Statue of Liberty – that scene was like the old days. Sad.

    I also really really wanted to know what they named the babies!!!!

    1. I’ve been feeling that awkward tension amongst the cast for the last couple of seasons. Karen is one of my favourite sitcom characters ever but the baseball team storyline and lack of interaction with Grace ruined these last episodes. Pity because the first season of the revival was pretty good. The legacy of the show has been tainted.

      1. Absolutely – the baseball storyline was just bizarre and the tension really has been noticed. I think Debra/Eric/Sean are good but very noticeable with Megan. Something clearly happened there in between the last 2 seasons!!

  2. Gosh we watched the episode yesterday (Friday) and went “That can’t be it surely?” but I guess it makes sense, a very low key ending. They will be missed, let’s hope the 2 dudes from Modern Family get their spin off, fingers crossed.

      1. The revival allowed them to address progress that had been made in the LGBT community (remember that Will was denied a bf for the first few seasons). I thought it was a seamless revival, much credit to James Burrows, but the finale not a classic.

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