Sunday Project ratings surge

Lisa Wilkinson has been blamed by press before, but now 10 show number are booming.

Ratings for The Sunday Project are enjoying a growing trend in figures.

On Sunday the show drew 588,000 / 354,000 metro viewers for its split-coded show.

The same Sunday in 2019 it drew 316,000 / 222,000 and in 2018 423,000 / 268,000.

Numbers for April 19 were higher still, at 613,000 / 413,000 -almost reaching its 2018 post Bathurst record of 638,000 viewers.

The rise can be attributed in part to COVID-19 news interest and the return of Masterchef Australia certainly doesn’t hurt. But all’s (mostly) fair in love and programming, and the numbers are encouraging for the show that has copped some harsh scrutiny.

Lisa Wilkinson has been blamed for plenty of criticism:

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5 Responses

  1. I was only familiar with Lisa from Carols but I really like her. There is an irreverence about her that I really like. I think her 1 on 1 celebrity interviews are pretty ordinary but all in all I tune in to watch her on the panel. A pretty big asset I reckon.

  2. I know it’s buoyed by Covid at the moment but ten should take solace in the fact that they stuck with it and it’s starting to pay dividends for them, just like with the Monday to Friday project. They should seriously think of a Saturday version now to gradually build

  3. Sometimes when you make a good TV show and program it consistently in one timeslot people discover it and it grows.

    It’s not rocket science.

    If only the networks did it more.

    1. I think Russel, that is why ABC has had some success, consistency in their line-up. I know Wednesday is comedy night and I used to love every Friday or Thursday was Aussie Drama night.

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