“We would love to make more”: Gogglebox all year round?

EXCLUSIVE: Ahead of the season finale next week Gogglebox producers are open to the idea of having the show screen across the year.

“We’re getting near the end and I’m exhausted!” executive producer David McDonald tells TV Tonight. “But we love making the show. We would love to make more if that were the case.

“I know for the cast -especially in the last four weeks- when they get stopped doing their grocery shopping, people have said to them how appreciative they are, that they’re still doing the show.

“If we could go all year, or even do three series a year I’m sure it’s something that we’d all enjoy doing.

“I’m also very mindful of not over-saturating it.”

“But I’m also very mindful of not over-saturating it. It’s a little bit special when it comes back, so that’s always the balance.”

This week Gogglebox reaches its 100th episode, and its ratings have never been better. Not bad for a show which on paper, originally sounded like a terrible idea.

Right now no other show on Television has quite managed to reflect the way Australians are coping with lockdown.

“I found something very comforting about it.”

“I know for myself that first week of being in isolation and watching the show, I found something very comforting about it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It’s the familiarity and probably just watching people on TV going through exactly the same thing,” he continues.

“One of the most resonating pieces, was when the guys were watching the finale of MKR and the PM came on to go through the latest measures. You could just see all these people realising that’s their livelihood gone. There was just an immediacy about it that was very powerful.”

Goggleboxer Jad has had to close his cafe while Sarah Marie’s work in the beauty industry has come to a halt. Jad is also unable to visit Sarah Marie & Matty due to the risk to baby Malik, while Mick and Di are out for the rest of the series due to their seniority. Emily is also at home isolated from daughter and grand-daughter Kerry & Isabelle.

“We just have to be cautious. We have to follow the guidelines that the government has set out. And I certainly want to protect and look after them,” says McDonald.

“I miss all of them”

“It’s a shame because I miss all of them. It’s just for everyone’s safety, the crew and the cast.”

This season also introduced new households Milo and Nic from the Gold Coast, and Sydney’s Kaday and Chantel and The Elias family.

“I’m really happy with them. To be fair, it’s a huge amount of pressure to put on new families because they’re being compared to those who are five year veterans,” he continues.

“I don’t think you can overestimate that. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. But I think they’ve done really well. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of what they’ve said.”

McDonald also attributes the show’s success to the frankness of the cast filmed in their own home, which helps let down their guard.

“I know people say they play up to the cameras, but some people are very vivacious, a bit larger than life. Most of the cast say they forget the cameras are there very quickly.

“Holly Dalton, god bless her, is as candid as! She just doesn’t care! She not playing up to the cameras.”

“Some work, some don’t.”

But not every show works for Gogglebox, and some viewings end up on the cutting room floor in a show that juggles the laughs, the shocks and the tears.

“Some work, some don’t. It’s got nothing to do with the quality of shows,” he explains.

“It might be a wonderful show that rated really well or an award-winning show that’s been incredibly well-acted and produced but it just kind of sits there. Or it’s really good and everyone shuts up and they just watch it!

“It doesn’t make for the most entertaining telly.”

Gogglebox 100th episode airs 7:30pm Wednesday on LifeStyle
9:45pm Thursday on 10.


  1. All year wouldn’t work, but extending the current season would be good. Or bringing it back quite quickly. Being a show in peoples houses, real people in this current situation has some comfort value.

  2. I would happily watch Gogglebox all year round. It’s like Media Watch. When I see dodgy news reporting I always wonder what Media Watch will have to say about it. Watching everything else I always wonder how Gogglebox will react to the show I’m watching. Most of the cast are so familiar now it feels like you’re watching TV with friends and I think with people isolating and craving social interaction, it has helped make this series feel even more special. When Gogglebox is off air I always think it’s a shame when I watch something and think I’d love to hear what the Goggleboxers have to say about it. Only criticism this year is the two new girls. Tone it down please and stop looking at the camera. Seems they are very aware of the camera in their loungeroom and are playing up to it. Gogglebox still needs the 4th wall to make it work.

  3. Maybe a 6 or so episode Celebrity Gogglebox mid-year would be a good way of extending the run each year? The UK does similar I beleive

  4. Is there any info about the episode count for this season David? Most seasons have been 10 lately but this time last year (Series 9) had 11 episodes?

  5. Whoever edits gogglebox deserves a logie. The editing is comedy genius.

    I think the newbies are still to hit the mark, but hopefully will get better over time. I recall Jad/Sarah Marie/Matty, and the Delpechitra family were also a bit slow to settle in when they first appeared but are now hilarious and among my favourites.

  6. As much as I would love to see an all-year season, it is probably a wise idea to continue with the two-block seasons as previously said in the article to prevent overdoing it. Though I wouldn’t mind regardless, we need a lot of entertainment right now!

      • It has been a while since we had a Masterclass on Fridays! Ratings might not be a magic mill but at least it would definitely give me a reason to watch because it’s a big ask to watch gogglebox from 9.45 to almost 11! I’ll be still watching.

      • Agreed! I don’t understand why they wouldn’t do this and move the masterclass to Friday night. Plus who wants to watch over 2 hours of Masterchef.

  7. I remember when this first premiered i was like there is no way this will work. Its basically twitter meets tv but live reactions but somehow the show has worked great. I think the casting has what has made it. Without the right cast this could of been really bad. As for Gogglebox all year round? Yes please. Especially at the moment but i do get it probably would be exhausting. Personally I think each season should be 5 or so episodes more. It always just starts and then i’m like oh its over again 🙁

  8. Nice to see it doing well in Australia – it’s been getting record ratings here in the UK too. Something I think about having familar faces when you can’t see your own friends and family in person, plus also it is a handy guide to what TV is out there now we’ve all got a bit more screentime available.

  9. I know i would love it twice a week all year 🙂
    I also know really extra episodes (maybe now would be okay because we are desperate for escapism) would Saturate the show.

    Now that they are throwing in a steaming show here and there itd be great to extend it to 90 mins and do streaming every week. Just so i know what to watch or avoid.

    • I agree, it needs to be longer. 45 minute episodes just aren’t enough without adds. I record Gogglebox 80% of the time and whenever I see the episode end I feel so sad and just crave more. I could honestly watch it for hours on end.

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