10 to outline rest of 2020

Network 10 will detail its remaining 2020 highlights to advertisers and media on Monday.

10 has had a good 4 months including I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Australian Survivor MasterChef Australia, Gogglebox, The Project but COVID-19 has thrown much into disarray.

Australian Survivor has not resumed filming, The Bachelor has stopped before completion, The Bachelorette has not been announced, Five Bedrooms has halted and The Amazing Race Australia hopes to shift to domestic destinations (even that’s a long shot given current regulations).

But Neighbours has won worldwide praise for finding a way to resume Drama production.

On Monday a virtual presentation will put 10’s best foot forward, likely to detail its Junior MasterChef plans, and confirm The Masked Singer as proceeding. Bachelor in Paradise is already completed.

It will be led by ViacomCBS Australia & New Zealand Chief Content Officer and EVP Beverley McGarvey and ViacomCBS and Network 10 Chief Sales Officer Rod Prosser.

TV Tonight will bring you a full rundown on 10’s plans.


  1. I really hope The Amazing Race does go ahead and doing it within Australia would be a great idea. I’ll be really curious about how they’re going to proceed with The Masked Singer.

  2. Johnny Tick

    Hopefully this will lead to what they do in the USA and we’ll start getting schedules in advance like they do over there based around the seasons (like how they release Fall Schedule etc), be nce to have one here lock-in schedules.

  3. Bold is undergoing a major revamp and that could explain the big gaps in their EPG. Their NCIS promo “never miss an episode” is a joke as they’ve recently skipped some 200 eps by jumping from season 5 to season 15 in the 7.30 slot! Fear not hardened fans, by September the afternoon repeats will have reached season 6.

  4. I think 10 should really try everything to film Survivor. It was one of their best shows last year and could anchor Q3 after BiP. They could also film two seasons back to back to guarantee content for early 2021 too.

  5. BourkieBoy

    I’m hopeful we’ll get a domestic Amazing Race filmed sometime soon! It would have massive ratings if it was airing right now!

    Could there be a chance we could get TAR Oceania Edition, where they film in NZ, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, etc, when ScoMo lifts the travel ban to these countries, in July?

    • harrypotter1994

      At this stage The Amazing Race can’t even come to Western Australia so an Oceania edition sounds very much like wishful thinking.

      • tolliver333

        If they are letting football start shooting Amazing race through out Australia could be a perfect thing for tourism…. also even flying into WA for work purposes is allowed at the moment … so I wouldn’t rule it out

  6. Aussiecam58

    Ten shows good promise in many ways. They need to define multichannels more in my view. CBS have enough back series that 10 could set up a family/comedy channel or even C&I channel.

        • Aussiecam58

          They can show modern movies, newer series, family friendly dramas. Not encores and old shows that younger generation wont watch like Raymond.

          • They have shown B-grade sitcoms over the years like Nurse Jackie, New Girl and The Connors.

            A few new family or teen dramas could help though, although the target audience would be more likely to watch them via 10 Play?

            Maybe even commission something along lines of E Street or Heartbreak High to screen on 10 Peach.

            It could even be a spin off of Neighbours, imagine the raunchy stories young characters like Hendrix and MacKenzie could do have in an M-slot

        • Johnny Tick

          Yeah basically it has become the US ViacomCBS channel TV Land and if it stays with the current programming may as well rename it to that and make another Channel into a CW type one (even Neighbours would fit that). Of course the new deal that Warners made with Foxtel and the HBO Max shows which includes CW ones may mean it’d have to be second screening of shows (like they did with The Flash).

  7. A domestic Amazing Race has massive potential for huge numbers later this year. The entire country has been cooped up and desperate for something with adventure and in the outdoors.

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