Airdate: Celebrity Gogglebox USA

US adaptation with Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, Curtis Stone, Rob Lowe & JoJo Siwa coming to 10.

10 is set to screen Celebrity Gogglebox USA next month.

Produced for FOX in the US as Celebrity Watch Party it features:

Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne
Rob Lowe and his sons
Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price
Tyra Banks and her mum
DJ Khaled and his wife
Master P and Romeo
Steve Wozniak and his wife
Meghan Trainor and her brother
Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan
Joe Buck and Michelle Buck
Raven Symone
Jojo Siwa and her mum
Justin Long and his brother

TV Tonight understands 10 will edit the series for Australian audiences, with shows we will recognise, and to avoid any spoilers. It will also come with an Australian narrator.

TV reviewed in the first episode earlier this month include The Masked Singer, Elephant, Good Morning America on dogs detecting COVID-19, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Last Dance, CBS This Morning on the supposed reemergence of Kim Jong-un, RuPaul’s Drag Race, the simulated 2020 Kentucky Derby, and Dr. Pimple Popper.

8:40pm Thursday June 11 on 10.

10 Responses

  1. It has been re-edited for the UK as well but just falls flat – it’s as if US network chiefs took the format as literally celebs sitting on a sofa watching TV. It’s missing whatever it is that actually makes Gogglebox much more than that.

    The UK celeb version returns next week – the regular show has been one of the most watched shows in lockdown with nearly 5m viewers most weeks.

  2. Sorry it is so very boring. For some reason it feels flat.i couldn’t even get through a complete episode. The UK celebrity version is actually funny this isn’t.

  3. This should be exciting and it’ll hopefully fill the void where Gogglebox Australia was for a couple more weeks until our next season can return. I don’t think it’ll be as good, but it should be entertaining.

  4. As long as they’re rebranding it for Australian broadcast, we will probably wind up with an unbleeped version.

    The fact that a lot of the shows would not have been broadcast here (such as the US version of The Masked Singer) kind of defeats the purpose of a local broadcast. This seems like a good fit for Foxtel (particularly Fox8) not so much for Network 10.

    But 10 aren’t exactly bursting with fresh content, so… better this than repeats of Dave Hughes et al.

    1. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have them watch GMA and CBS Morning really missed the point of Gogglebox. I’d be surprised if they weren’t omitted in the edit that 10 is doing.
      Imagine if we had our Goggleboxers watching Sunrise and The Today Show…

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