Gallery: MasterChef Australia social distancing

First look at how MasterChef adjusts to lockdown regulations.

MasterChef Australia looks will begin social-distancing on screen later this month.

Production has continued, implementing strict restrictions in the kitchen at Melbourne Showgrounds, including new regulations around observing 1.5m distancing, separate tasting dishes, plus use of pantry and limited crew.

Challenges are understood to be remaining at the MasterChef kitchen and guests have been dialled back. This season contestants are living in apartments of two, but while trademark hugs and high-fives will surely be out 10’s is one of the few reality shows to continue.

Based on 10 programming info, this looks set to hit screens from Monday May 25 and continue to end of season.


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    1. It’s jarring to see recently filmed stuff (drama & reality) not adhering to the social distancing.

      With the quality of this year’s production, I’m sure they producers will have been extremely creative in keeping the drama levels maxed

  1. I wonder if 7 is regretting rushing through Plate Of Origin. They were probably expecting Australia to be in a worse position than it is right now. Surely it could have continued filming with similar precautions……

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