“Minister wants to help local content.. then he axes Community TV!”


Writer Shannon Marinko (The Bazura Project, Open Slather) unleashes in a self-described “Rant” over the deadline facing community television (June 30).

“Paul Fletcher, current Minister for Communications and the Arts, is on the record saying he wants to change present govt regulations to help local content producers. The he f***in’ axes Community TV.”


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I miss Sydney C31….I watched many things….some not quite as polished as others…but good, real TV….I wish someone had saved it.

  2. It is so sad and so wrong I’ve worked at community channel 31 like so many others and it’s so useful and necessary. This pandemic proves the government can find money for anything they just choose not to do anything for something that doesn’t make them money directly.

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