Nine reporter released after being detained in US riots

Tim Arvier, Nine News‘ US correspondent, was detained by police at gunpoint while reporting on the riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He tweeted: “Just been detained and searched by #Minneapolis Police. They cuffed my cameraman and our security but were respectful and have now let us go.”

Arvier said he and his crew, including a cameraman and security guard, heard gunfire nearby, as they approached a police blockade by car.

The city is in under curfew, but journalists and crews are exempt and allowed to travel across the city.

The trio yelled out they were press as they approached the roadblock.

“I didn’t get handcuffed and was placed up against the car before they moved me to the gutter,” he said.

Arvier said the group were clear and careful during the ordeal, and the officers calmed down when they realised they were not a threat.

The riots began last week over the death of a black man, George Floyd, while he was in police custody, and have since spread across American cities.

Source: Nine News


  1. Just goes to show how bad the USA police are, I have many friends tell me how racially bias and corrupt USA cops are. It’s not until moments like these you know the issues. Not tarnishing all, but how they handle these situations is pathetic.

  2. Tim Arvier is doing an amazing job for such a young reporter. From getting tear gas in his eyes but still carried on reporting, to his off the cuff in the middle of chaos reporting at all hours of the day and night. This crazy few days for him will make him as a journalist no doubt schooled behind the scenes by Robert Penfold.

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