Osher-led programming, new multichannel for 10.

  • 10 to announce new third multichannel
  • Coming in 2020: Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Masked Singer, Junior Masterchef, new-look Living Room

10 will announce a new general entertainment channel later this year. The third multichannel, confirmed today in a network presentation to advertisers, will draw upon ViacomCBS content. A launch date has not been confirmed.

In a virtual presentation to media buyers today Beverley McGarvey ViacomCBS Australia & New Zealand Chief Content Officer & EVP and Rod Prosser ViacomCBS and Network 10 Chief Sales Officer talked up its early 2020 results including for MasterChef Australia, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Australian Survivor, The Project and Gogglebox.

“The new normal in Australia is very different,” Beverley McGarvey said.

“10 is no longer the third TV network. We are ViacomCBS, a vital and confident multiplatform network within a content powerhouse attracting the most valuable audiences, challenging our competitors in ways they never imagined.”

Confirmed as still coming in 2020 are Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and The Masked Singer -all hosted by Osher Günsberg- the return of Junior Masterchef and a new look Living Room.

As always there will also be more Gogglebox while Kinne Tonight is returning.

Absent were a planned domestic season for The Amazing Race Australia and any sign of more Australian Survivor this year -both have been hit hard by restrictions.

There was no word on further local drama, but Neighbours continues to win praise for finding a way forward with production.

Media reports today also confirm I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is back for 2021 -but potentially filmed in Australia.

Today’s presentation featured 10 personalities led by Julia Morris, Osher Gunsberg, Jonathan LaPaglia, Tom Gleisner, Dave Hughes, Chris Brown and more.

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  1. Can’t wait for The Living Room, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and The Masked Singer to start. I really hope The Amazing Race Australia gets the go ahead too.

  2. Whilst more FTA content is always welcomed, will this come at the expense of Sky News on WIN (83) in regional Australia, or are they giving up another infomercial channel TVSN (84) or Gold (85)?

    • Its regional Australia Viacom-CBS Australia (aka 10) doesn’t care it’s got no impact on them.
      It would be up to Win and other regional broadcasters if they want to broadcast the channel and how much Viacom-CBS Australia will charge them.
      They probably won’t air it at launch unfortunately whist they see what the audience looks like in 10’s owned-and-operated stations before they decide to launch it.

  3. For the masked singer – I hope they Improve the Singer Audio – Not drowned out by the backing track – No Lame Lindsay Lohan – and hopefully, a few talented singers amongst the celebs

  4. I’d rather see 24/7 music video, or music programming channels being introduced. They have them in the UK, such as Now ’90s, Now ’80s, Kiss TV, Magic etc. Obviously, there are some considerations, such as music licensing, record label liaisons and ratings. There is already enough general entertainment and it just seems like more of the same and not any added variety or choice of channels, when Freeview promotes more choice. Ten might probably have an extensive music video and music programming archive considering the past programming, such as The Loop, Video Hits, Video Hits Up-Late, Video Hits Uncut, Video Hits Presents, Cold Live At The Chapel, Take 40 Australia, Ground Zero, The House Of Hits, Pepsi Rockit etc. I reckon a channel that showed archival music programming like that would probably rate quite well.

    • Wouldn’t attract under 50’s they already have Spotify and other music streaming service that offer dedicated channels.
      Plus there is this like thing called YouTube for music videos.
      Plus have you seen The Loop? 40 min content then 20 min adds I don’t think most people would listen/watch for hours on end.

    • roaringdave

      Would already need to be in the can to run in the “current environment”. By the time they film it and it gets to the screen, it will likely hit less eyeballs because as restrictions lift, more people will be out of their houses than ever before.

    • CW shows are not solely owned by CBS some are owned my Warner Bros. Most of CBS owned show have gone to 10 All Access (Charmed, In the Dark, Nancy Drew) or Netflix (Dynasty). The best you will get it repeats of these show but to the premier within 24 hours of the US in Australia.
      MTV shows are under licence to Foxtel.

    • 10 is such garbage..and this new channel is just a new trashcan for them. I haven’t seen any benefit in CBS running the network since their takeover….

  5. Could the third channel utilise access to CBSViacom content from the likes of Nickelodeon, MTV and VH1?
    FTA kids content during the day to rival ABC Kids… which is not a bad target. Tween, Teen, Pop culture content in evenings…?

    • That would be a way to go as a 24/7 Music one is cost prohibitive due to the cost of Copyright for songs, so unless ViacomCBS buy a few radio stations to spread the costs over it will be difficult (ie Rage, Triple J and Double J can share those costs as Foxtel can over their channels).

      Plus with the deals ViacomCBS have done with Foxtel and those music channels as was reported last week on here: https://tvtonight.com.au/2020/05/foxtel-overhauls-music-channels.html may be all locked down already, Nickelodeon seems to be the only one there though so Nick Jr, Nickelodeon and Nick At Nite could be an option (even if on replay rights it wouldn’t matter much).

    • Viacom-CBS kids shows are already with Foxtel. Plus if they are relaunching All Access (per deadline in the US and internationally) as a new service they would prefer the content there rather than on FTA. If they did put it on FTA it would be 2 or more years old and not new episodes first on FTA.

  6. Another multichannel for me to ignore. I was so excited when these channels started rolling out but they run them in the same haphazard way they run the flagship channels- incomplete seasons, fluid starting times, last minute changes. I’ll stick to the glorious new world of streaming, thanks.

  7. I think this is a good thing, but I would love to see a sports channel (remember that 10 Bold was originally a sports channel called One), and ViacomCBS has a lot of US sports that is not televised in Australia, but the problem may be rights, but it could be freed for 10 to broadcast if Fox Sports goes under (in case you are wondering, Murdoch has written down the value of Foxtel, and a lot of sports is up for grabs in the coming years like the AFL and NRL and let’s not forget A-League). I think this could provide a point of difference for 10, so I think something different other than a general entertainment channel would actually be a good thing.

  8. A few times in the past couple weeks Ten could have come second overall if they had a third multichannel and beat Seven Network. Seems little but every percentage point in ratings/ viewers counts. Disappointed that so much content doesn’t even get to the existing multichannels by Ten – where is This Is Us?? please hand it over to Foxtel if you don’t want eyeballs to see it.

      • Yeah and on those nights where it was 0.5% etc., separating them Peach was doing good numbers like 2.3% and so on compared to say last night of 1.30%. Even last Sunday they were on 2.5% so it wavers a lot, so another General Entertainment Channel may just dilute those tuning into Peach. As is Peach is much like the ViacomCBS USA channel TV Land, so if the new one becomes that perhaps they’ll fix Peach up into what they first wanted (the 16-39 Demo) and it’ll become more CW which is complicated given Warner is the W in that and the new deal with Foxtel.

    • Multichannels are the trench-warfare, attrition fighting of the ratings war. Network share is mostly for ego, revenue share is what matters. The main channel is doing the best since 2012. They need cheap content that will draw younger viewers away from their rivals, but not 10.

  9. Unless it’s a 24/7 music channel (which I think is long overdue for FTA), then I suggest they move along.

    They ought to fix 10 Peach first (with its constant barrage of dated sitcoms) before launching yet another content-starved multichannel.

  10. Yes! More jungle!!
    Can anyone else host besides Osher?????
    Looking forward to the masked singer.
    Did they say anything about five bedrooms? I thought they had filmed some before this mess started?

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