Seven parts way with MKR’s Pete Evans

Seven sources confirm controversial MKR judge has left the building in a mutual decision.

Seven sources have confirmed a mutual parting with My Kitchen Rules presenter Pete Evans.

Evans has been a judge on the series since 2010 having previously presented on the LifeStyle channel, and more recently fronting his own Netflix documentary.

MKR has been the defining Seven Studios show of the past decade, including with unbeatable ratings. But in recent years it has been overtaken by Married at First Sight and a revamped MasterChef Australia.

Evans has frequently been in the headlines for his championing of a Paleo diet, and drawn criticism over comments around fluoridation, sunscreen and vaccinations. Many of those entailed a right of reply through Sunday Night reporting.

He was recently fined $25,000 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration after promoting a BioCharger NG and referring to coronavirus treatment recipes. On social media he indicated he had referred the matter to his lawyers. Seven this week has culled multiple staff, but his departure will also mean more freedom to speak on various advocacy measures.

MKR‘s future on the network grid looks grim, but the network could rest it for a return in the future. Fellow judge Manu Fieldel is set to return for Australia’s Got Talent when the show can resume and has filmed Plate of Origin with Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, due in coming months.

That plate is yet to be tasted by viewers

Source: TV Blackbox, Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. Smart move, methinks. I think both Pete and MKR could benefit from a rest for a couple of years. Matt and Gary shouldn’t move into MKR because they’re of completely the opposite spirit.

    1. I would not be surprised at all. Plate of Origin was originally planned as an MKR special edition. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was the plan from Seven all along, to ditch Pete and Colin for Gary and Matt.

  2. Evans wasn’t the problem with MKR in the last few years, the brand is just tired and needs a rest. I feel a bit sorry for Pete – sure, he’s said some stupid things over the years, but ultimately I think his heart is in the right place and he’s just trying to make a difference in the way he thinks is best.

  3. 7 should rest MKR until Quarter 4 of 2021. They can return to the original format that made the show so successful (without Evans) and run against far less competition.

          1. Here’s the solution. Cryovac the whole 2020 MKR mess, and book a spot next to Walt Disney in his underground chamber.
            When it’s deemed possible to thaw out Walt and bring him back to life, then it’s time to do the same for MKR.
            But I reckon old Walt’s got a better chance than MKR of hitting the TV screens again soon.

  4. I always found it weird he was judging food he didnt believe in or for his diet. He seems to have some crazy beliefs as well. Smart to cut him off now, the savings in not paying him will help the bottom line too! Bye MKR and Bye Pete!

  5. This seemed inevitable. I didn’t watch MKR last season because he was on the nose with his extreme dietary/medical statements, but also because the show was presenting the same stereotypes to feud. Plus the habit of misleading ads with events that never actually happened in the show. They should move on to another format.

  6. About time. Evans most recent social media posts endorsed the crackpot covid-19 conspiracy theories of the notorious David Icke – an anti-semite, Holocaust denier and proponent of a theory that the earth has been hijacked by shape-shifting reptiles. Seriously!

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