US networks look for more foreign drama

Could there be a possible upside to the impact of COVID-19 for Australian productions?

If there is a possible upside to the impact of COVID-19 on the production sector it may be the appetite for foreign drama being picked up in the USA.

International sales execs are seeing unprecedented demand for English-language shows that could help plug gaps caused by the production shutdown.

The CW pick up British comedy series Dead Pixels and Canadian procedural The Coroner and NBC has bought Canadian medical drama Transplant.

Deadline even notes, “Australian production has boomed over the last few years, helped by the increasing number of antipodean actors taking over Hollywood. Netflix recently took worldwide rights to Cate Blanchett’s Stateless, Sundance bought Bad Mothers, while Hulu airs crime procedural Harrow*. The latter is produced in association with ABC Studios, whose international distribution division has the rights to crime drama The Gloaming. The series, which has echoes of Starz’ The Dublin Murders, is the story of unorthodox and troubled policewoman, Molly McGee, who leads an investigation into the murder of an unidentified woman and stars Emma Booth, who featured in season seven of ABC’s Once Upon A Time. ”

* Harrow was already co-produced by ABC (US).

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  1. Plenty of love on discussion forums for “Wentworth” from American Netflix viewers with some rating it higher than “Orange is the New Black”. “A Place To Call Home”, airing on PBS stations, is also popular.

    1. There are other Australian shows that will be suited to the US audience that Home and Away and Neighbours …They certainly not be showing either of these on any major network at prime time …

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