Big Brother fans unhappy as Angela evicted

Big Brother series favourite Angela Clancy has been evicted from the house for the second time, but this time producers were unable to save her.

“Angel-icious,” who has become the show’s fan favourite for her humour and big moves, was voted out overwhelmingly by her housemates after she lashed out during the Eviction process.

She was nominated by challenge winner Sophie, but criticised fellow nominee Casey as flying under the radar and accused Mat of being two-faced. She also said Chad would be voted out by the ‘alpha’ group led by Daniel.

It was an outburst that left her with no support in a format that sees housemates vote one another out. In the end even her ally Marissa was forced to vote her out, or risk remaining isolated from the surviving housemates.

A previous eviction by Angela saw her saved by producers in a BB bunker, where she watched housemates from cameras before returning to the house. But this time there was no such lifeline…

Angela, 38 from Perth, has been a producers’ dream with her disruptive behaviour, tantrums over a lack of tea and scheming. Her casting has helped the series off to a good reboot for Seven.

On social media, many were lamenting her exit as their series favourite, with many wishing the show allowed an audience vote.


  1. Ok so now we do have the bland and whitewashed Big Brother I’ve always hated, not the exciting new dynamic that this season started with. I can see this new convert switching off in the next couple of episodes.

  2. The problem is that the person who wins the task has sole control of who is nominated for eviction. Need to go back to every housemate nominating with a 2 point and 1 point secret vote . Winner of task maybe gets to put 1 person up for eviction but definitely not all 3

  3. She had to go and I think it’s a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed Ang, but all good things must come to an end. She made some mistakes along the way which didn’t help her, but her personality was always going to make it hard for to stay until the end. The quiet ones have the best chance in this format, unless others call them out. Casey was called out last night, let’s see how she reacts.

    The beauty of someone like Ang leaving, is the dynamic will change greatly and people we don’t hear much from may step up. Xavier is someone who has shown he can speak up, so will he do so and try to influence others? Hannah is someone else I think could start to take more of a lead role. She was aligned with Angela and Marissa, so maybe there’s now room for her to take on some of the strategic leadership in that group?

    I look forward to where the next chapter takes…

  4. Angel-icious departure is going to leave a huge hole in this show. I loved that she wasn’t the typical cookie cutter bland sort of person we always see on these shows. She was Gold casting for the producers and so bloody entertaining! Unfortunately for Ange, she was definitely in the minority and didn’t have the numbers when the stereotyped Aussies decided to band together and make her an easy target. Quite disappointing as a viewer, but then again Big Brother sadly has always been a social experiment holding up the microscope on modern day society.

    • I’m pretty much the same, but i’d throw Casey in the don’t like section. I just haven’t warmed to her. The fact that we only seem to see her lazing around in the sun most of the day doesn’t help, as she comes across as being lazy, which is not appealing to me.

      Dan, some days I like him and others I don’t. Ironically, I think his best chance of staying and potentially winning is voting out Mat. His alignment with Mat is hurting his game.

  5. I knew she was Queen Angela was going as soon as she was evicted! Bring her back for All-Stars!

    Why the hell are Kieran and Casey still in the game? They have done nothing to earn themselves a place in the game and they must evicted immediately!

  6. I’ll probably stop watching now. Most of these housemates are so boring. Angela was the only one that made it entertaining. The funny thing is they’ve been gunning for Kieran for weeks and yet still he stays. Sarah is the only one left I really care for honestly.

    • They have no clue how to play the game. They see the biggest threat as someone on the edge of being evicted. Someone who would get no votes to evict is not a threat. Dumb dumbs.

  7. Angie’s nominations speech was a classic but she was going out the door anyway so why not go out with a bang! Going to be interesting to see how they keep it entertaining now. People need someone to love or hate on social media. I hope Dan goes sooner rather than later !

  8. I’m glad Angela went out all guns blazing. If this was viewer voted she would be in the top 3 for sure. I liked Angela since Day 1. I loved her line about Casey and if she needed advice on tanning. Casey has been playing the game so safe. Yes each episode is about 3 days of filming and we don’t get to see half the story, which is this seasons Big Brother downfall. Let’s see if the ratings for tonights ep stay the same or there is a big drop. This is where if Big Brother was live, they could inject something into the house to make it interesting, but obviously this season they can’t.

    In my opinion, they only ones playing the game are Matt and Dan, but also Marissa and Kieren to some point. I think it’s Dan for the win.

  9. I think that losing big players on these types of shows (Survivor & NewBB) is the fun of the show. But the annoying this is that Angela was seemingly the only entertaining one.

    However casting needs too improve on later seasons – Everyone should be as eager to play the game “.

  10. I’m not the biggest fan of the new big brother ..
    But omg that eviction and everything she said was the best thing I have seen on tv all year !!!

  11. daveinprogress

    I disagree with one of the tweets, under the old format, Angela would have been voted out early by the public. For several years notwithstanding Reggie Bird, a laid back Aussie bloke won BB. The outspoken would invariably get eliminated early. I love Angela now, but on Ep 1 thought I couldn’t bear more than an episode or two of her. But she pulled focus so brilliantly and was the star of the series. The Producers already allowed her to survive once. She will be missed from a bland bunch left. I look forward to getting to know Hannah and Xavier a bit more.

    • I felt the same way, I couldn’t stand her initially either, but she grew on me. I also suspect under the old system of public voting, regardless of whether there was a vote to stay or a vote to go, she would have been in trouble the first time she was up for eviction and would have quite possibly gone home then. We would have missed her at her best.

      This is one of the advantages of removing the public vote.

  12. It wasn’t really a surprise, but she signed her own fair when she went off last night. He words get her in trouble. She was definitely the best, she was always entertaining.

    But keep in mind the show is edited, she was clearly a favourite with producers so that likely gave her more airtime..

    With her gone we might finally get to see more of Xavier, I am pretty sure we haven’t even seen his intro package lol.

    Also at this point in the game it would be good to see some intruders to shake it up.

  13. carolemorrissey

    Last week they were all gunning for Kieran & he didn’t get one vote. What a difference a week makes. They are all stupid idiots. And Marissa. What a traitor.

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