Big Brother launch drives 7plus

BB launch fired on both traditional broadcast and digital for Seven.

Big Brother is off to a strong start for Seven, not just on linear broadcast but through digital.

The show averaged 872,000 metro viewers across its full broadcast, which was enough to eclipse MasterChef Australia and The Voice.

It was also the most-watched live entertainment launch on BVOD ever at 5.95m total streamed minutes, and a VPM rating of 60,000.

#BBAU also trended #1 nationally on Twitter. Since its announcement the show has attracted over 18 million total social impressions, 526,000 social engagements and 1.4 million video views.

“We’re thrilled with last night’s launch of Big Brother,” said Angus Ross, Network Programming Director.

Big Brother, and our whole content led growth strategy, is about attracting those 25-54s which are key for our partners. Last night, that’s exactly what Big Brother did, as the #1 show for 25-54s as well as being the #1 non-news show for all viewers. On top of that, it was also the #1 show in the younger demographic of P16-39 as well as other key advertising demos. It was also the most-watched live entertainment program on BVOD ever. Big Brother is just getting started and we look forward to continuing to engage viewers as the show progresses.”

New 7plus companion show Eye Spy will screen weekly from tomorrow night.

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  1. I’m not a fan of 7, but I love BB. All housemates are great, good selection. I wish I could see more, some extras on 7plus.They’ve been saying that they’ve got strong connections, they had hips of conversations and arguments….in ep.2 ! For them that was 4 days, for viewers only 120min… Competition and eviction every episode is a great show but I wish I could see more conversations between housemates, more real life.

  2. It would be great if the BB section on 7plus actually worked! Can’t get any of the now renamed ‘clips’ section (now ‘exclusive video’) to play. Can’t get Allan’s exit interview, can’t get the extended vote. Nothin’! Meanwhile, how exciting is it watching people walk into the diary room and not hearing any of their vote, during the episode? That was a bad editing choice.

  3. They cram the breaks with “sneak peeks” For other programs (read promos) at the last minute and that’s what makes everything run over. These can add minutes and minutes to a broadcast schedule, which may well have timed up to a few hours prior to that.

  4. I was forced onto 7plus when my recording (which I’d also added a 5 minute buffer) ended before the show did. Thank goodness for catchup TV so I could see who was evicted! Given these are not live, how is it 7 does not know the exact length of their episodes? Hmmmmmmm

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