Smooth joins axed music channels, Arena to be renamed.

More changes from June 30th on Foxtel.

Smooth will disappear from Foxtel on June 30, joining previously announced closures by [V], [V]+2, MAX and CMC.

These are being replaced by MTV Hits, MTV Classics, Club MTV, CMT (Country Music TV) and Nick Music, operated by ViacomCBS.

Foxtel Arts which shares Channel 133 with Smooth, will remain on both Ch 133 and Ch 806.

Smooth joined Foxtel in 2013 programmed by NOVA’s smoothfm, with channel ambassadors Marcia Hines and Cameron Daddo.

Meanwhile Arena will also be rebranded as FOX Arena from July 1st.

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  1. Oh, great. Fox Arena. That’s what we need, another bigger logo, clogging up the lower right corner of the screen. I hate all this rebranding bollocks, I feel like they are wasting chunks of my subscription payments on stupid marketing exercises like this that achieve nothing.

  2. Will Arts now broadcast 24 hours a day? That would be something good if that was the case. I’m unexcited about the trend of FOX this and FOX that naming of so many channels, it makes for a rather homogenous viewer experience.

      1. Agree. Did you know that Bravo is a free-to-air channel in New Zealand? It replaced Channel Four a couple of years ago under a licensing agreement with Comcast I believe. I think Arena should be rebranded as Bravo Australia.

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