Airdate: Alex Rider

There are shades of Conspiracy 365 in the new UK teen spy series, Alex Rider.

Based on novels by Anthony Horowitz the series explores how an ordinary teenager is dragged into the murky world of international espionage. In the title role is Otto Farrant (The White Queen, War & Peace, Mrs. Wilson).

Alex Rider is the story of an ordinary teenage boy dragged unwittingly into the dangerous and morally compromised world of international espionage – a reluctant hero forced to become an agent for the British government. Based on the phenomenally successful novels by Anthony Horowitz, the series expands on the books, introducing new characters and exploring the world of high-stakes espionage with a gritty and contemporary tone.

When his uncle and guardian, Ian, is killed in a car crash, teenager Alex starts to doubt the story he’s given by the police. He investigates the accident himself and is soon thrust into a shadowy world of espionage that makes him question everything he once knew.

Friday 31 July on Amazon Prime.


  1. Shame that it’s so long after the international release. Although I think it was shopped around so perhaps there were no other buyers?

    • I don’t have any faith in local programmers having a clue about what Australian viewers want to watch anymore. TVNZ had this in early June and it attracted younger viewers thanks to them being familiar with the source material. I wasn’t aware of the books but still really enjoyed it while watching with my teen nephew. Could’ve been a good pick up for SBS who sometimes take a punt on these shows.

      • Not sure this is a local programmers issue, would all come down to what fees Sony were looking for while shopping this around and the rights they were will to give up.

  2. So…. this is aailable on the US version of Prime but not the AU?… come on Amazon… It’s the same with Humans series… two seasons finally available on Prime in Aus yet three on the US… :rollseyes: emoji.

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