Axed: Toasted TV

Queensland-produced kid's show axed by 10 after nearly 15 years.

Queensland-produced kid’s show Toasted TV has been axed by 10 after nearly 15 years.

The show hosted by Ollie McCormack and Lia Walsh was a successor to Cheez TV, another Queensland kid’s show, which ended after 11 seasons.

A 10 spokesperson confirmed to TV Tonight,Toasted TV finishes up on air mid-August.”

The move is understood to have impacted a small number of roles, although some staff work across multiple kids shows such as Totally Wild and Scope.

Yesterday 10 announced kids’ titles on 10 Peach would move to new multichannel 10 Shake when it launches in September.

Last year Head of Children’s TV Cherrie Bottger departed 10 after 18 years with the network.

Source: TV Blackbox, Daily Mail

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  1. First, 10Peach axed The Loop (February), now Toasted TV. As much as I dont watch Toasted TV, it was sad to see this show go. With 10shake launching in September, it is likely that there will be lots of repeats sitcoms on 10Peach during the morning.

  2. Not surprised at all, I suspected it was only a matter of time. Toasted TV barely showed any new cartoon series last year, and was reduced to pre-school cartoons this year.

  3. Saddening to see this. 10 used to have a great Australian children’s TV lineup but bombarding it with CBS and Nick Jnr. content is likely to see their ratings crumble. Toasted TV was able to help tie all of the shows together, at least, and is a great reprieve between repeat double episodes of the same show.

  4. Interesting timing of the Axing of this show. So this is what happens when you suddenly remove Quotas? I may not have watched this show but now a bunch of good hardworking people are out of work as the network is not obliged to produce any first run kids TV, so all the kids get now are shows produced by O/S networks like Nickelodeon and the like!
    Is this a sign of things to come when it comes to prime time drama? Are they testing the waters before they start cutting fist run Primetime drama.
    This is why quotas matter.
    Clearly the networks won’t produce anything unless they are required to by the Goverment.
    This is why quotas matter.
    “The timing of the axing is interesting indeed, as the network prepares to launch a new channel called 10 Shake which will be aimed at kids. It’s believed a lot of content for the new channel will be sourced from Nickelodeon, which is owned by 10’s…

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