Masked Singer filming in Melbourne, studio audience in Sydney.

Update: Producers keep coming up with creative ways to deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Producers keep coming up with creative ways to deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The Masked Singer is about to get underway with filming in Melbourne  and as we know part of the show involves the studio audience deciding which performer will be eliminated …how do you do that if you can’t have a crowd in Melbourne?

Answer: have an audience in Sydney.

Tickets are now available for general public to attend Riverside Theatre in Parramatta this coming Saturday, to view production from Melbourne, cinema style. Alas, they won’t get to see a reveal, but they will get to vote.

It’s a clever solution to a very unique problem and differs from a “virtual audience” that The Voice used in its finals.

This will also be an intensive production for the Warner Bros. show, which is filming at Docklands studios. Based on current ticket dates, not many episodes will be in the can when the show premieres on Monday August 10, with audience dates through to Saturday August 22. That’s a quick turnaround from shooting to screening.

Audience members in Sydney will be following NSW guidelines:

Warner Bros. takes health and safety very seriously, so in our effort to minimise the spread of COVID- 19 we have put in appropriate measures in accordance with guidance from the World Health Organization, Warner Bros./Warner Media global policy and Australian Department of Health.

All attendees will be temperature-checked and asked to sign a health declaration upon arrival.

UPDATE: Theatre audience is now out, in favour of virtual crowd.

Here is the latest clue info:

7:30pm Monday August 10 on 10.

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  1. Update: They are now no longer doing this due to Sydney Hotspots. All audience is via zoom & voting on there. Not sure if they will be just voting (with no video) or if they are also on the screen.

  2. Any one who flies into Melbourne might never get out again. They can join me and the rest of Melbourne in permanent lock down.Oh I forgot they are celebrities so will have an exemption

  3. I mean I get the improv but why not just film the whole thing in Sydney? Will be interested to see who they get this year and if there will be any big big names since covid is happening.

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