No blackouts on Binge

Binge won't be blacking out content on linear channels for shows such as new Wentworth & Gogglebox.

Good news for Binge subscribers.

When the platform was launched it was unclear if the 19 linear Foxtel channels (including FOX Showcase, BBC First, FOX One, FOX Arena, UKTV,  LifeStyle, BBC Earth) would be blacking out some titles.

But there are no plans to do this, meaning Binge subscribers can watch titles such as new Wentworth and Gogglebox as they broadcast in AEST. This makes Binge great value, although the marketing is driven by the streaming titles.

A Binge spokesperson confirms, “Binge has no current plans to black out content on its linear channels. Our focus is on demand and being able to watch anytime, anywhere, that’s our content proposition and how we market our content.”

You can find the linear channels at the bottom of the Shows tab.

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  1. I read the live channels were there but couldn’t find them on the Apple TV. Finally found them yesterday afternoon and ended up watching Wentworth. A solid start to the season. Picture quality was rubbish on binge though. Not sure if it was Binge or the NBN. Netflix stuttered a bit afterwards to start but was fine after 30 seconds.

    1. Speed check your broadband, sometimes there can be a buffering delay on all streaming sites, this can also include a sound synchronization problem if you use an AV receiver with a home theatre.
      Some TV’s can have issues with Android operating systems and streaming especially with Dolby Vision.
      Check your Apple TV that it is at the right video setting which should be on SDR for 1080p.

  2. I asked Foxtel the same question about whether Wentworth would be available on linear channels on binge, seeing as their Foxtel marketing Says Wentworth is “only on Foxtel” . Anyway I didn’t get an answer, glad you’ve been able to clarity. I’m currently on basic Foxtel at $29 but realised I don’t get the drama packs anymore. It’s definitely worth getting binge but if you live in Perth the linear channel times are not ideal unless they have the +2 channels.

  3. OMG – I signed up for Telstra’s six months free Binge the other day and had no idea about this. It means I can enjoy Wentworth live for the first time ever! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. yeah I’ve got to say, they bury the linear aspect of the app that’s for sure. On the phone you really have to search for it.

    Also, Fox 8 isn’t part of the line up unfortunately

    1. We subscribe to Foxtel at a much reduced price because i find it more reliable than internet streaming and sometimes I prefer to have a linear channel playing out rather than having to pick something. I would not pay anything close to full Foxtel RRP for it though so if it gets to that, it will be streaming only.

    2. Not all of the channels are available to view on binge, and some seem to come and go I guess depending on what they have available to binge and what channel they originated from. Very strange but good for something like this as you’d think Showcase would be one of the ones to remain viewable, some kids channels also recently appeared in the live channels.

  5. Well no point streaming channels only to blackout most popular shows. Seems this is just Foxtel’s version of Sky’s Now TV, which basically streams their most popular channels, including sports and movies, but main selling point is everything is on demand too.

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