On the Sauce lifts ABC, Nine wins Tuesday.

On Tuesday this week Australian Ninja Warrior (793,000) again won its slot followed by 7:30 (613,000), Foreign Correspondent (597,000), Bachelor in Paradise (576,000) and topped all demos. America’s Got Talent  trailed on just 379,000.

Shaun Micallef’s On the Sauce may have dipped in its second week to 595,000 but that was still enough to win its slot (lengthy Ninja notwithstanding) and push ABC to third place for the night.

Nine: 30.0
Seven: 25.6
ABC: 18.1
10: 18.0
SBS: 8.3

Timeslot wins:

The Chase: 654,000 / 405,000
Seven News: 1.16m / 1.1m
ABC News: 790,000
Australian Ninja Warrior: 793,000
Shaun Micallef’s On the Sauce: 595,000

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  1. thedirtydigger

    The Seven Olympic special was not very gripping viewing to be honest , and the vision – at least on my set didn’t look at that flash …anyone else agree ?
    It was just a bit …hate to say it … boring…hope they didn’t spend a fortune putting this together…needed a bit more drama and close shaves and behind the scenes never told stories…not the usual Ho Hum .

    • hcstewie2000

      The bits I saw seemed more like what you get as a special feature on a DVD…actor/director commentary.
      Maybe would have had more impact if shown (as planned I guess) leading into the Games kicking off. Seemed a bit of a shoehorn to fill programming gap (more of those to come no doubt due to covid interruptions on new content).

  2. Looks like that the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony special on Seven didnt rate that well – which is a shame. The timeslot probably didnt help. Would you be able to provide any numbers for the special by any chance please?

    Only if you can, because i know you have been busy posting the extra ratings yesterday and today. Keep up the good work. We all appreciate it

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