Report: Nine returning to Celebrity Apprentice

Nine heading back to boardroom ...but is it time for a female boss?

Nine has reportedly commissioned Warner Brothers Australia to make a season of The Celebrity Apprentice for 2021.

The Australian reports casting is underway for the anchor role, previously played in Australia by Mark Bouris (pictured), with Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest and retail king Solomon Lew apparently on a wish list.

Here’s an idea, why not a female boss for 2021? I also wish the show returned to its roots of non-celebrities, but that’s just me…! I suspect with so many out of work performers there will be no shortage of potential cast.

Fremantle previously produced the series four times for Nine, but rights have now swung to Warner Bros.

Star Mark Bouris later reappeared in The Mentor for a single season on Seven.

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  1. I Agree with you David, a return to non Celebrity version is overdue. As for female boss, Janine Ellis is the first name that came to my mind. Gina Reinhardt could be interesting too 😉

    1. Even with a celebrity version, most of them will be non-celebrities anyway 😀 Seriously though, yes a standard version would be better, with a place for the winner at the chosen firm. More to play for.

    2. Ooo, great minds, I came to comment the same thing about Janine Ellis. We could pull from the same pool and go for another Shark from “Shark Tank”and go with Naomi Simson.

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